All telephone numbers start 0116 252 xxxx

Head of School

Name Position Telephone Email
Professor George Lewis Head of School 5370

Academic staff

Name Position Telephone Email
Dr Laura Brace Associate Professor 2799
Dr Joshua Baker Lecturer 3692
Dr Bleddyn Bowen Lecturer 2469
Dr Ben Clements Associate Professor 2701
Dr Steve Cooke Lecturer 3746
Dr Helen Dexter Lecturer 1083
Dr Robert Dover Associate Professor 2713
Dr Haian Dukhan Teaching Fellow 3325
Dr Myriam Fotou Lecturer 2417
Dr Andrew Futter Associate Professor 2703
Professor Robert Garner Professor 5346
Dr Simona Guerra Associate Professor 5771
Dr Stephen Hopkins Lecturer 2709 
Dr Jamie Johnson Lecturer 2657
Dr Philip Lynch Associate Professor 2712
Dr Tara McCormack Lecturer 2795
Professor Lauren McLaren Professor 4659
Professor Mark Phythian Professor 2704
Dr Zakia Shiraz Lecturer 7533
Dr Kelly Staples Lecturer 3003
Dr David Strachan-Morris Lecturer (373) 6415
Dr Alex Waddan Associate Professor 2700
Dr Richard Whitaker Associate Professor 2756

Associate Tutors

Name Position Email
Mr David Deverick  Associate Tutor 
Dr Aref Ebadi Associate Tutor  
Mr Mudassir Farooqi  Associate Tutor  
Ms Ann Mary George  Associate Tutor 
Mr Cameron Hunter  Associate Tutor 
Dr Haro Karkour  Associate Tutor 
Dr Lesley Masters  Associate Tutor 
Dr David Moloney  Associate Tutor 
Mr Dheeraj Paramesha Chaya  Associate Tutor 
Mr Pedro Dos Reis Nunes Associate Tutor 
Dr Tanvi Pate  Associate Tutor  
Ms Eva Renon  Associate Tutor 
Mr Nicholas Schenk  Associate Tutor 
Dr Alan Shadforth Associate Tutor
Mr Paul Stott Associate Tutor 
Mr Dan Street Associate Tutor
Dr Rachel Tate  Associate Tutor 
Mr Paul Trickett  Associate Tutor 
Miss Aynur Unal  Associae Tutor 
Ms Elizabet Vasileva Associate Tutor
Ms Sabrina Villenave  Associate Tutor

Distance Learning Associate Tutors



Dr Edmund Brown Distance Learning Tutor
Dr Ronan O'Callaghan Distance Learning Tutor
Dr Haro Karkour  Distance Learning Tutor 
Mr Gareth Price-Thomas  Distance Learning Tutor
Ms Sana Rahim Distance Learning Tutor
Dr Alan Shadforth Distance Learning Tutor
Mr Paul Stott Distance Learning Tutor
Mr Dan Street Distance Learning Tutor
Mr Paul Trickett Distance Learning Tutor

Research Associates

Name Position Telephone Email
Yewande Okuleye Research Associate 5854

Emeritus Professors

Name Position Email
Professor G.R. Berridge Emeritus Professor of International Politics
Professor John Hoffman Emeritus Professor

Honorary Visiting Fellows

Name Position Email
Dr Tahir M Azad  Honorary Visiting Fellow 
Sir Brian Barder Honorary Visiting Fellow
Dr Aaron Edwards  Honorary Visiting Fellow 
Mr Peter Gill Honorary Visiting Fellow
Dr James Johnson Honorary Visiting Fellow
Dr Patrick Walsh Honorary Visiting Fellow

Professional Services

Name Position Telephone Email
Andy Tams Operations Manager 2800
Sam Goodacre Business Administration Manager (223) 1986
Rachel Dawes School Administrator Research, Finance (Monday, Wednesday, Friday). 2588
Bhavna Mistry School Administrator Finance, Contracts and Workloads 2596
Amy Bentley  Programme Administrator UG History and American Studies 5009  
Zoe Clapton Programme Administrator UG & PGT Politics and International Relations 2707
Lynne Wakefield  Programme Administrator UG History 2803 
Sarah Whitmore  Programme Administrator PGT History and Politics 2802  
Anjula Mehra Bhatia Programme Administrator PGR History & Politics 5081
Craig Morgan Administrative Assistant Politics 2714
Julie-ann Bateman  Administrative Assistant History 2702 
Krupa Raichura Gandecha  Administrative Assistant Operations 3225