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Student    Title 
Anwar Afhim  arka2@  Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity-related asylum claims: a queer critique of UK Home Office practices 
Salado Ahmed  ss889@  The gendered impact of the EU’s securitised migration policies: A case study of Greece.
Deden Alfathimy  dhaa1@  Space Policy in the Global Space Age 
Sana Amin  sa792@  The security paradox of the Arab states: An empirical study of state security activism in Egypt, Tunisia, Syria and Iraq and its effect on individual and collective violence.
Christopher Bullock crb29@  A Cultural Approach to Intelligence Theory: Understanding China’s Intelligence Behaviour.
Samuel Canter  sc791@  Strategies of Offset: The United States Approach to Military Competition Against Nuclear Powers.
Cindy Cao  cpyc1@  Cambodia post 2017: A challenge to Normative Power Europe? 
Ludovica Castelli lc477@  Nuclear order in the Middle East 
Anuradha Damale-Day  ard28@  Responsibility in Outer Space Space: Why hasn't it been realised? 
Thomas Dowling tdd10@  Moving Beyond Insecurity: The Hard Case for 'Full' Environmental Securitisation in Myanmar.
Sarah Dunn  scgd1@  Russian Anti-Satellite Weapons: Analysing Russian Military Strategy Through Weapons Development and Testing 
Rabih Fayad  rf210@  Research around the significance of humanitarian negotiation in enabling durable humanitarian programming in conflict and post-conflict settings 
Samer Frangieh  sf284@  What form of economic opportunities and social cohesion policies and initiatives could support the integration of Syrian refugees in Lebanon?
Rachael Griffiths  radg1@  An examination of Defence Planning during the period 1998 to 2018: are military capabilities within the equipment plan and the capability planning process still an appropriate methodology; do they help or hinder the realisation of national security policy?
Tim Jones  tpj8@ Normative political theory and/or versus migrant activism: challenging migration management failures 
Shama Junejo  spj16@  Who Governs Pakistan: A Case Study of Military Ethics to Identify the Driving Factors of Pakistani Military's Political Interventionism into Socio-Political Structure of Pakistan
Yohan Kim syk19@ The Affective Othering of ‘Low Skilled’ East and Southeast Asian Migrant Workers in the United Kingdom 
Nadia Laouini  nl209@ How guardrails of the US democratic system and tribal politics have been challenged and undermined under the Trump administration with its consequences on US domestic 
Chidinma Mbaegbu  ccm22@ Women’s Activism in Peacebuilding Processes: A Comparative Study on the Role of Women in the North and the Niger Delta Conflicts in Nigeria 
Mark McKeown  mm967@  The Influence of Big Tech Lobbying on U.S. Foreign Policy (was The Influence of Lobbying on American Foreign Policy)
Giuseppe Moliterni gm239@  Normative Power Europe: A Normative Intersubjective Theory. 
Anastasia Nkhalamba  agn7@ Africa-EU Migration, Mobility and Employment Partnership (MMEP)’s impact on migration and mobility in the African continent 
Martin Nthakomwa mpkn1@  (Re)casting the notion ‘Home’: Refugee hosting spaces in East Africa and Leicester –United Kingdom. 
Faith Obot  faeo1@ Femicide in Nigeria
Jack O'Doherty  jwod1@  Shadow of Intent: A Comparative Assessment of American Nuclear Counterforce Strategy and Viability 
Gregory Olsen  gto2@  Determinants of Peacekeeping Success. 
Foteini Panagiotopoulou  fp74@ Migrant organizational networking, cooperation and political action in Europe. 
Susana Pickett  sp659@  The Moral Theory and Practice of Veganism.
Saloni Pradhan  sp884@ Hindu Nationalism and Populist Internationalism
Nickolas Schenk nms22@  The Moral Right to Citizenship: A Theory of Just Membership for Non- citizen Stateless Persons.
Katie Titherington  kmt25@ The Psychology Around the United States Nuclear Weapons Program in WWII.

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