Museum Studies at Leicester

Current PhD students

Supervised by Gemma Angel

Charlotte Emma Hook
Campus-based, full-time The Role of Provenance in Deciding the Fate of Colonial Collections of Human Remains

Supervised by Stacy Boldrick

Niki Ferraro
Campus-based, full-time Mounting Empire: The National Gallery and British Imperialism
Pelin Lyu
Campus-based, full-time
Exploring the Concept & Institution of Contemporary Chinese art museums in Shanghai since 2000 
Teresa Porciani
Campus-based, full-time (History)  Figural Sculpture in Anglo-Saxon England: networks, agency and cross-cultural contacts, c. 700–900
Jianan Qi  Campus-based, full-time  Art Academies in the Revolutionary Art World from 1979 to 1989 in China 
Elina Sairanen
Distance Learning, part-time  Examining the role and impact of contemporary art museums established by luxury companies as actors in the contemporary art field 

Supervised by Katy Bunning 

Ana Beatriz Almeida  Campus-based, full-time  Histories, Cultures and Heritage 
Candace Beisel  Distance Learning, part-time  Museums’ preference for donors may arise from regional values 
Christine Hristova  Distance Learning, part-time  Beyond the Duality? Examining the Southern Branch of the National Palace Museum as an "Asian Art and Culture Museum" 
Lijia Ma  Campus-based, full-time  Developing community museums in urban China 
Danielle Megaffin  Campus-based, full-time  Confronting the Genocide of Indigenous Peoples: Truth, Trauma, and Reconciliation in Canadian Museum 
Aïcha Mehrez  Campus-based, full-time  Addressing legacies of slavery and empire in the art museum 
Lauren Safranek  Distance Learning, part-time  Whose national narrative? Emotion, complexity, and impact at the National Museum of American History 

Supervised by Yunci Cai 

Isabel Collazos Gottret  Campus-based, full-time  Defining decolonisation in Bolivian museums: from rhetoric and practices to conceptualisation 
Kwong Chuen Ching (Kenneth)  Distance Learning, part-time  Modern Buddhist Art Museums and Monuments as places for Buddhist Practices - A study of Tsz Shan Monastery Buddhist Art Museum, Tung Lin Kok Yuen and Buddhist Art Treasure of Dharmashtiti Group in Hong Kong 
Jo Hartwell  Distance Learning, part-time  Creating a heritage of conflict: an empirical study into the impact of women’s participation in the management and interpretation of Bisesero Genocide Memorial site, Rwanda. 

Supervised by Sandra Dudley 

Kristin Barrus  Distance Learning, part-time  Exploring the Contributing Influences for Entry into Twenty-first Century Quiltmaking 
Emily Levick  Distance Learning, part-time  Feminine Fabrications: Gendered Objects and the Display of Textiles in Museums 
Louise Macul  Distance Learning, part-time  Decolonising Museum Notions of Authenticity in the Sarawak Museum: the Lepo' Tau Kenyah, Kayan, and Berawan paintings 
Annika E. Mazzarella
Campus-based, full-time 
Shells, Ships & the ‘Spirit’ of the Sea: a comparison on the ‘Materiality’ of Water in Museums between Marine Mollusc Shells and wooden Scandinavian Viking Ships.
Ava Salzer  Campus-based, full-time  Presenting the Unknown: infrastructure, influence and information in the management of uncertain objects in museums and galleries 
Molly Stock-Duerdoth
Campus-based, full-time
Audience creativity as the privileged meaning-making locus in the museum assemblage
Yoshiko Wada  Campus-based, full-time  The Soul of Things: The lifeworlds of boro and Boro textiles and their interlocutors in time and space 

Supervised by Simon Knell

Jiayi Chang  Campus-based, full-time  In Pursuit of the China Dream: The Communist Party of China and its Uses of Heritage 
Rachael Cooksey  Distance Learning, part-time Investigation into the extent and value of reminiscence therapy in Archives and possibilities for collaboration with healthcare organisations 
Xiangnuo Ren  Campus-based, full-time  Chinese contemporary art museums and cultural identities 
Yanpeng Song Campus-based, full-time From Moral Indoctrination to Moral Experience: An Experiential Model for Promoting Middle School Children's Moral Education in China's Museums 
Mohan Zhu  Campus-based, full-time   

Supervised by Suzanne MacLeod 

Elizabeth Gray  Campus-based, full-time  The Art of (Re)Performance: Interpreting Theatre and Dance History in the Museum 
Jane Hardstaff  Campus-based, full-time  Pathways to Wellbeing: exploring the social and spatial role of museums in supporting mental wellbeing 
Meredith Peruzzi  Distance Learning, part-time  Crafting Deaf-Friendly Museums and Programming 
Weilun Sun  Campus-based, full-time  Chinese Local Museum 

Supervised by Nuala Morse 

Yanrong Jiang  Campus-based, full-time  How can creative museum-based learning activities improve children wellbeing in the Chinese context? 
Minju Oh  Campus-based, full-time  Registers of Empathy' of Visitors towards the 'Painful History' of South Korea within South Korean National Museums 

Supervised by Ross Parry 

William Clarke  Distance Learning, part-time   
Hoda Hemaily  Distance Learning, part-time  Rethinking Accessibility: Community Empowerment through Marketing and Technology 
Kathleen Lawther  Campus-based, full-time  Why connect national digital collections? Big data mapping, modelling and simulation for digital heritage and culture 
Zhuolin Li  Campus-based, full-time
‘Who uses digital sound archives?' 
Shelby Navone Campus-based, full-time Improving inclusivity and accessibility for disabled and neurodivergent people in digital performance and culture.
Clarissa Wilson Campus-based, full-time  What role for digital storytelling? Technologies and narratives to enable people in all their diversity 

Supervised by Richard Sandell 

Rachel Adams  Distance Learning, part-time  Military Museums At A Time of Change 
Holly Bee  Campus-based, full-time  Deeds Not Words 
Miranda Chavis  Distance Learning, part-time  The Outward Museum: Museums and the Consequences of Meaningful and Relevant Civic Engagement 
Yuqiao Hu  Campus-based, full-time   
Amisha Karia  Campus-based, full-time  Culture-led wellbeing: investigating the changing skills of the cultural workforce 
Isabelle Lawrence  Campus-based, full-time  Hidden, Revealed: investigating representation and narratives of disability in the British Museum 
Sophie Leighton  Distance Learning, part-time  What might be gained or lost by museums expressing a moral or ethical position on divisive contemporary issues? 
Nicole Moolhuijsen  Campus-based, full-time  The LGBTQ+ equality movement and the agency of museums 
Kristen Van Hoven  Distance Learning, part-time  Museo-Medical Partnerships and their Impact on Health and Wellbeing 

Supervised by Rosie Shirley 

Henry Gayfer  Campus-based, full-time  Remembering our maritime past: exploring the role of maritime heritage in Norfolk’s museums in the process of constructing identities and sense of place in England. 
Lucrezia Gigante  Campus-based, full-time  The Spatial Politics of Art Organisations: Public Programmes as Sites of Cultural Citizenship 
Lucy McPherson  Distance Learning, part-time  Building Collective Memory: How the Victoria and Albert Museum is Collecting Artefacts of the Covid-19 Pandemic and their role in Public Memory 

Supervised by Alice Tilche

Victoria Guzman Monge  Campus-based, full-time  Power Struggles in the Art Museum: Authority or authorities? 

Supervised by Dave Unwin 

Camila Plaza Salgado  Campus-based, full-time  University Museums. Institutions, knowledge communities and narratives in the science museums of the University of Chile, 1940-1960 
Sandra Samolik  Distance Learning, part-time  Art Authentication Through Provenance Research, Art Forensics and A 

Supervised by Giasemi Vavoula 

Gemma Cantlow  Campus-based, full-time  The Secret Lives of Digital Museum Resources and Collections: Teaching Practice and Interactions with the Smithsonian's Learning Lab. 
Mingshi Cui  Campus-based, full-time  Exploring the role of intercultural and international communication and collaboration when producing an exhibition in a digital era
Han Jiang  Campus-based, full-time  Human-Centred Design in Collection Digitalisation: An analysis of collaborative approaches and contextual factors. 
Zi Yan Liao  Distance Learning, part-time  Digital museum learning: Possibilities and affordances of Cultural Institutions’ digital resources in Singapore school contexts. 
Phill Morris  Distance Learning, part-time  Safeguarding the Uilleann pipes 
Xuwen Yang  Campus-based, full-time  Towards a conceptual framework of playfulness in the museum: visitors, interactive exhibits, and playful experiences 

Supervised by Sarina Wakefield 

Aisha Al Muftah  Campus-based, full-time  Modern Art in Qatar: Building a Nation Post-Independence 
Wael Dugdugi  Campus-based, full-time  How are Museums Being Used in Saudi Arabia to Facilitate Access to Saudi Arabia’s Cultural Heritage? 

Supervised by Sheila Watson

Evangeline Collins  Distance Learning, part-time  How do genocide museums create emotion within their exhibitions that impacts visitors’ responses and behaviour? 
Despina Gerasimidou  Distance Learning, part-time  Museum/Library sleepover: re-conceptualizing the museum and library visitor experience. 
James Shallow   Distance Learning, part-time  Changes in memory and meaning in the retention of conflict-related material culture within domestic space 

Supervised by Isobel Whitelegg 

Laura E Dudley  Campus-based, full-time  From Re-Construction to Co-Production: remembering and restaging past participatory exhibitions 
Caroline Fucci  Campus-based, full-time  Brazilian Contemporary Art in the Global Biennial Context, 1998-2020 
Eleni Ganiti  Distance Learning, part-time  The museum of contemporary art through its permanent collections 
Catalina Imizcoz  Campus-based, full-time  The Modern Paradigm and the Exhibitionary Form 
Xueer Zou  Distance Learning, part-time  Alternative Art Institutions and Their Practices in Pearl River Delta Economic Zone, China 

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