Academic and teaching staff

Academic staff

All telephone numbers are pre-fixed by +44 (0)116 XXX when calling outside the University.

Name  Position  Telephone  Email 
Professor Sandra Dudley  Director and Head of School
Professor of Museum Studies 
252 3970 
Stamatina Anastopoulou
Marie Skłodowska-Curie Research Fellow 229 7804
Amy Barnes Research Associate
229 7845
Jennifer Bergevin  Teaching Fellow  373 6284 
Janet Berry  Associate Lecturer 
Dr Stacy Boldrick  Programme Director, Art Museum and Gallery Studies  252 5409 
Dr Stephanie Bowry  Leverhulme Research Fellow  252 3729 
Katy Bunning  Lecturer in Museum Studies
Academic Director 
252 5723 
Dr Yunci Cai  Programme Director, Campus-based Museum Studies
Lecturer in Museum Studies 
229 7279 
Professor Jocelyn Dodd  Director of RCMG
Professor for Museums and Social Change
252 3995 
Professor Lisanne Gibson  Professor of Culture and Society
Director of Research for College of Social Science, Arts and Humanities
252 5719 
Professor Simon Knell  Professor of Contemporary Museology
252 3969 
Professor Suzanne MacLeod  Professor of Museum Studies
Director of Flexible Learning 
252 3759 
Dr Janet Marstine  Associate Professor  252 3971 
Dr Mercy McCann  M3C Creative Economy Engagement Postdoctoral Fellow 
Dr Nuala Morse  Lecturer in Museum Studies
Programme Director for Museum Studies (Flexible Learning) 
252 3975 
Dr Marco Mason  Marie Curie Fellow  229 7478 
Professor Ross Parry  University Deputy-Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Digital)
Professor of Museum Studies 
252 3964 
Dr Sarah Plumb  Research Associate, RCMG  252 3757 
Professor Richard Sandell  Professor of Museum Studies
Programme Director for Socially Engaged Practice in Museum and Galleries 
252 3965 
Dr Hannah Turner  Lecturer in Museum Studies
Programme Director, Heritage and Interpretation
252 5711 
Dr David Unwin  Associate Professor  252 3947 
Dr Giasemi Vavoula  Deputy Head of School
Director of Postgraduate Research
Associate Professor 
252 3966 
Dr Jen Walklate  Teaching Fellow  252 3961 
Dr Sheila Watson  Associate Professor 252 3967 
Dr Isobel Whitelegg  Research Director  252 3962 

Associate Tutors

Name  Email 
Dr Jeanette Atkinson 
Sean Baggaley 
William Brown 
Mary Jane Calderon-Hayhow 
Dr Bruce Campbell 
Dr Mark Curteis 
Alison Duce 
Dr Richard Dunn 
Mike Ellis 
Catherine Hall 
Dr Heather Hollins 
Dr Paul Martin 
Corinne Miller 
Kate Pontin 
Frazer Swift 
Dr Vivian Ting 
Sara Wear 
Dr Nigel Wright