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Professor of History and Museum Studies, School of Museum Studies

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I am interested in the ways in which the past is used in the present by different communities. My research is international in scope and my latest monograph, Museums and the Origins of Nations, Emotional Myths and Narratives  (Routledge 2021) was the first survey of origins stories in national museums and examines the ways in which such museums use the distant past to reflect contemporary concerns. I  also study contested histories, the ways in which emotion is used within heritage and the relationships of museums to communities and vice versa. 

As a Historian I completed a PhD in Propaganda and Morale in Britain in the Second World War before training as a teacher. I taught in various secondary schools the last five years as a head of department in a large comprehensive school in Hertfordshire before moving into museum education. After working as an education officer for six years in Norfolk Museums and Archaeology Service I became Director/  Area Museums Officer in Great Yarmouth in Norfolk. I managed three museums and an art gallery established a heritage partnership and led the redisplay of all three museums. My final project was to lead a Heritage Lottery Funded project to create a new £4.7 million new museum Time and Tide: Museum of Great Yarmouth Life. As project champion I also led the team who managed the refit of the old curing works and the display of the museum. I maintain my interest in current museum contexts and combine a practical interest in heritage with a theoretical interest in the ways in which history heritage and museums intersect in the creation and maintenance of certain types of emotional identities.

I joined the School of Museum Studies in 2003 and have been Director of Flexible Learning, Director of Research, Deputy Head and Acting Head of School. I am currently co Programme Director of the MA/MSc in Heritage and Interpretation and academic lead for changes in the programme.


My research examines the way the past is understood and used by individuals and communities in particular how and why it is contested and the impact of this on cohesive communities within a theoretical framework of cultural heritage and museum studies. Current and future research is conceived around three key themes emotions in heritage contested heritage and democratic heritage. My research is interdisciplinary and draws not only on heritage and museum studies but also memory studies, material culture studies, postcolonial theory, sociology, emotion studies, psychology,  philosophy and history. I have developed a distinct research profile that builds on my expertise in practice and challenges existing ideas relating to community engagement in particular focussing on the key role emotions play in the expression and interpretation of heritage by institutions and communities. I have been invited to advise museums worldwide on how to engage and support different communities for example in Estonia, Bogota,  Romania, UK, and Brazil. This has provided me with important research data that has led to publications which demonstrate how theory is often disconnected from practice.



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Contested and difficult heritage,  emotions in museums,  community museums,  democratising heritage and museums,  nationalism and heritage,  politics and heritage.


Museum Studies MA/MSc both campus based and distance learning. Heritage and Interpretation MA/MSc by distance learning. 

I am currently leading the transformation of the Heritage and Interpretation curriculum.

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