Honorary, visiting and Emeritus staff

Emeritus academic staff

Name  Email 
Professor Emerita Susan Pearce  smp14@le.ac.uk 
Professor Emerita Eilean Hooper Greenhill  eileaneland@gmail.com
Associate Professor Emerita Dr Viv Golding  vmg4@le.ac.uk 

Honorary lecturers and visiting fellows

Name  Position  Email 
Dr Lyall I. Anderson  Honorary Visiting Research Fellow  lia3@le.ac.uk 
David Barrie CBE  Honorary Research Fellow  cdobarrie@googlemail.com 
Dr Stephanie Bowry  Honorary Research Fellow  sjb129@le.ac.uk 
Dr Fiona Bradley Honorary Professor - Museum Studies
Dr Ann Brysbaert  Honorary Lecturer - Museum Studies and Archaeology and Ancient History  anb11@le.ac.uk 
Professor Americo Castilla
Honorary Lecturer - Museum Studies
Michael P.B. Chaplin  Honorary Lecturer  m.chaplin@clicknetherfield.com 
Gordon Fyfe  Honorary Fellow  gordon.fyfe@gmail.com 
Dr Janet Marstine Honorary Associate Professor (Retired) jm423@le.ac.uk 
Dr Mette Houlberg Rung  Honorary Research Fellow   
Robert Janes  Honorary Visiting Research Fellow  eic.mmc@telus.net 
Da Kong  Honorary Visiting Research Fellow   
Dr Sipei Lu Honorary Research Fellow 
Dr Matt Smith  Honorary Visiting Fellow  matt@mattsmith.com 
Mark O'Neill  Head of Arts and Museums, Glasgow City Council  museums@glasgowlife.org.uk 
Jim Roberts  Honorary Fellow of Museum Studies
Production Editor, Museum and Society 
Jim Stewart  Honorary Lecturer  j.stewart@clicknetherfield.com 
Dr Angela Stienne  Honorary Research Fellow  as867@le.ac.uk 
Dr Mike Taylor  Honorary Research Fellow  m.taylor@nms.ac.uk