Museum Studies at Leicester

Honorary, visiting and Emeritus staff

Emeritus academic staff

Name  Email 
Professor Emerita Susan Pearce 
Professor Emerita Eilean Hooper Greenhill
Associate Professor Emerita Dr Viv Golding 

Honorary lecturers and visiting fellows

Name  Position  Email 
Dr Lyall I. Anderson  Honorary Visiting Research Fellow 
Dr Scott Anthony Honorary Research Fellow
David Barrie CBE  Honorary Research Fellow 
Dr Dominique Bouchard
Honorary Visiting Fellow
Dr Stephanie Bowry  Honorary Research Fellow 
Dr Fiona Bradley Honorary Professor - Museum Studies  
Dr Ceciel Brouwer
Honorary Research Fellow
Dr Ann Brysbaert  Honorary Lecturer - Museum Studies and Archaeology and Ancient History 
Professor Americo Castilla
Honorary Lecturer - Museum Studies
Michael P.B. Chaplin  Honorary Lecturer 
Janet Dugdale Honorary Visiting Fellow
Gordon Fyfe  Honorary Fellow 
Dr Tony Heaton CBE
Honorary Doctorate
Dr Janet Marstine Honorary Associate Professor (Retired) 
Zak Mensah
Honorary Visiting Fellow
Dr Mette Houlberg Rung  Honorary Research Fellow   
Robert Janes  Honorary Visiting Research Fellow 
Da Kong  Honorary Visiting Research Fellow   
Dr Cristina Lleras Honorary Visiting Fellow
Dr Sipei Lu Honorary Research Fellow 
Dr Matt Smith  Honorary Visiting Fellow 
Mark O'Neill  Head of Arts and Museums, Glasgow City Council 
Jim Stewart  Honorary Lecturer 
Dr Angela Stienne  Honorary Research Fellow 
Dr Mike Taylor  Honorary Research Fellow 
Sara Wajid
Honorary Visiting Fellow
Dr Kristina Wright
Honorary Research Fellow 

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