Professor Corinne Fowler

Professor of Postcolonial Literature


Professor Corinne Fowler is an expert in the legacies of colonialism and postcolonialism to literature, heritage and representations of British history. Corinne created ‘Colonial Countryside: National Trust Houses Reinterpreted’, a child-led history and writing project funded by Arts Council England and the Heritage Lottery Fund. The project involves school children visiting country houses and re-telling the stories of the properties and the people involved in their histories to reflect the evidence and perspectives that are often overlooked.

Children, teachers and writers are drawing on historical evidence to transform our collective view of Britain’s colonial countryside and to highlight the forgotten black and Asian rural presence during the times of empire. The Black Lives Matter movement has been an important catalyst for the heritage and museum sectors in addressing the legacies of their colonial connections.

Professor Fowler has been seconded to the National Trust to help lay the foundations for new approaches to training, interpretation and programming about country houses’ colonial connections.

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