Han Jiang

Doctoral researcher

School/Department: Museum Studies, School of




My PhD research aims at understanding how museums develop digital collections through co-designing with stakeholders and participants from various institutional, disciplinary and cultural backgrounds. In particular, it looks at interactions between design participants who use different technologies, skills, and knowledge to construct engagement in the design process. The research findings will map out the dynamic relationship between museum professionals and stakeholders, and produce a conceptual model describing the impact of different design methods involved in the development of digital collections.


Jiang, H. and Li, X. 2023. "From Metamuseum to Metaverse. Exploring Institutional and Individual Art Curation Practice in Digital Gaming Experience", The Art Museum in the Digital Age, 16-20 January.

Jiang, H. 2022. "Crafting engagement: Designing Online Collections for Museums", ICOM UK Online Event, 28 September.


My other interests include the intersections between cultural organisations and design anthropology, game studies, user experience design, and STS.
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