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Undergraduate courses

At Leicester Law School, you will study the foundations of legal knowledge needed for becoming a lawyer, and develop a range of valuable skills that will prepare you for life beyond university. In small-group tutorials of around twelve to fifteen students, you will critically engage with your studies and solve clients’ issues with problem-based learning. You will develop skills that are highly sought-after by graduate employers.

Many of our graduates find careers in the legal sector. Others move into business and finance, criminal justice roles, social welfare, the civil service, publishing and teaching.

Beyond your course, you can join one of our many award-winning student law societies, or take part in our student-led pro bono group, offering eleven different projects which give you the opportunity to gain practical legal skills while helping members of the local community.

Available degrees

Our LLB degrees cover the foundations of legal knowledge required by the Bar Standards Board for the academic stage of barristers’ professional training. The LLB degrees provide the grounding in the foundation subjects required for the Solicitors Qualifying Exam with a guaranteed entry scheme for the related postgraduate course.

Law LLB (with optional year abroad)
3-4 years, full-time | UCAS code: M100
Law is a hugely diverse field with many paths. This is the traditional route into the solicitors’ and barristers’ professions. You’ll cover core subjects like contract and criminal law and have the freedom to explore areas you’re passionate about like human rights or medical law, all supported by experts in your chosen fields. If you want to study Canadian law modules you can choose the Law (Canadian stream) LLB at the start of the first year. 

Law (JD Pathway) LLB
2 years, full-time | UCAS code: M103
Are you a Canadian university graduate? This accelerated qualifying degree is designed for you and will help you complete your legal education in just two years. You’ll study a programme that includes bespoke Canadian law modules alongside the subjects of English & Welsh law which form the foundations of knowledge needed for a career on either side of the Atlantic. You can volunteer for pro-bono and participate in competitions specifically focussing on Canadian law.  

Law with Criminology LLB (with optional year abroad)
3-4 years, full-time | UCAS code: ML26
Law and criminology are closely linked. This degree gives you a solid grounding in law as well as an understanding of criminology: the basis for criminalising behaviour, penal theory, and the nature of crime, its causes, prevention and management. You will develop the knowledge and skills needed for a career in criminal justice, whether as a legal professional or public servant focused on criminal justice or supporting prosecution, defence, rehabilitation or law and penal reform. You will benefit from dual perspective; working with experts in both legal and criminology disciplines.

English and French Law LLB, Maîtrise
4 years, full-time | UCAS code: M120
This four-year bilingual course is a collaboration with the University of Strasbourg. You will graduate with two law degrees: an LLB from Leicester and the Maîtrise de Droit “Droits français et anglaise” from Strasbourg. You will gain a specialisation in private, corporate, or public European law, paying French course fees when studying in France.

Law with a Modern Language LLB
4 years, full-time | UCAS code: M2R9
Understanding the law can take you places. Understanding another language can take you all over the world. In this degree, you’ll divide your time equally between law and your chosen language, making you a leading candidate for multinational firms. You can choose whether to continue improving a language with which you are familiar, or develop another. 

Law with Politics LLB (with optional year abroad)
3-4 years, full-time | UCAS code: M2L2
The hand of the law. The power of politics. Creating societal change often requires law and politics to work together. In this degree, you’ll study public policy in its legal context and [gain the skills to work in firms with governmental interests or at the heart of government, driving policy change with the authority of law and political theory behind you. 

Law (Graduate Entry) LLB
2 years, full-time | UCAS code: M102
Already have a degree and looking for your next challenge? This is a smart way to complete an accelerated law degree at a more measured pace than the more intensive alternatives – giving you the key legal skills and knowledge to boost your career. You’ll benefit from the university experience and a choice of optional modules. With normal academic holidays and a supportive community of experts and professionals, this degree lets you develop professional skills and plan your future career alongside your qualifying studies.

UK Degree Transfer (second or third year entry)
2-3 years, Full-time | UCAS code: M100
Malaysian Students studying at a partner university can apply (through UCAS) to join our LLB degree programme with the second or third year UK Degree Transfer Programme. This is for you if you are achieving good results in your first, or first and second year at an approved Malaysian partner university and want to access the wide range of options available on the Leicester Law School LLB.

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