School of Engineering

Innovate UK project Assured CAV Parking

Lecturer in Aerospace Control Nadjim Horri
Control lead in EPSRC/AAReST
Qualifications: MEng, PhD, FHEA


Project work packages 

  • WP5 – Scenario generator for autonomous driving
  • WP5.1 Scenarios. modelling of test cases  
  • WP5.2 Methods for accelerated testing
  • WP5.3 Model Validation & Simulation of Use Cases  
  • WP5.4 Documentation and tutorials to assist customers using the virtual models
  • WP4 – Features parameterisation, co-simulation using V2X and automatic driving (AD) tool with a web-based GUI
  • WP4.1 to 4.3 Features digitisation and paramaterisation
  • WP4.4 Co-simulation V2X and AD
  • WP4.5-4.6 Web based GUI

Main results

  • Project has run between 03/2019 and 02/2021
  • Coventry University and Horiba Mira
  • Value to Coventry University £498,939
  • Total value of the project: £1,998,857
  • Led the control work packages (autonomous driving, path following, autonomous braking, co-simulation mode switching control based on sensors availability)

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