School of Engineering


The School of Engineering houses a diverse portfolio of research activities. Staff members in these groups contribute to research activities across four main research areas. These areas are:

We also host research in the following cross-disciplinary groupings:

In the Research Excellence Framework (REF) 2021, 93% of the School’s research outputs were considered internationally excellent or world-leading, placing us in the first quartile of the sector.

The School of Engineering houses a number of unique facilities:

  • A 72,000 litre water tank which can supply water at 3.5 bar, with a sump of 205,000 litres.
  • An 800 psi compressed air system, and associated 8 m3 storage system rated at 600 psi.
  • The Charles Wilson wind tunnel, a low turbulence intensity closed loop tunnel with an aerodynamic test section, and an environmental test section.
  • Two-tonne cranes in each laboratory space.
  • Mains gas supply and exhaust ducting for high temperature combustion experiments.

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