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Materials Innovation Centre (MatIC)

Materials Innovation Centre (MatIC) is a long-term strategic partnership between TWI and the University of Leicester, one of the world’s top universities. MatIC focuses on materials characterization, materials modelling and novel materials development.

This collaboration between (TWI Ltd) and the University of Leicester provides great opportunity to be at the interface between industry and academia. The Centre will bring together the expertise of the two organisations and will focus on the fundamental understanding of metallic materials, both theoretical and experimental, and how the properties and performance are related to processing-dependent microstructure.

MatIC will create a shared research and technology capability, specialising in small and full-scale materials testing in harsh environments, it will undertake joint research programmes and it will develop the next generation of technologies and engineers in this discipline.

MatIC, as an Innovation Centre of University of Leicester, will operate from TWI’s newly constructed 25,000 square metre world-class facilities in a growing, industrially driven, professional working environment in Cambridge.

Core areas

  • Materials performance in simulated service conditions
  • Physical metallurgy of welding and other fusion-based processes
  • Materials characterisation and analysis
  • Failure mechanism of weldments and other components made by fusion-based processes
  • Computational mechanics
  • Materials modelling
  • Thermal and cold spray coatings
  • Thin films and metal matrix systems
  • Electrochemistry and Corrosion

Contact information

Dr Shiladitya Paul
Director for UoL/TWI Materials Innovation Centre (MatIC)
School of Engineering
University of Leicester
Leicester, LE1 7RH

Professor Hongbiao Dong
Science Director for UoL-TWI Materials Innovation Centre (MatIC)
School of Engineering
University of Leicester
Leicester, LE1 7RH

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