College of Science and Engineering


The College of Science and Engineering is internationally leading in many of the fields covered by the wide range of research activities within the College.

Our Research Strategy aligns with the institutional strategy to ensure a focused approach, to innovate and grow, and to work together, communicate better and look outward while coupling to our vision and its key delivery agents.

Our vision is to conduct discovery led world leading research, addressing the challenges affecting the planet, industry and society. In order to achieve this we will:

  • Directly address the needs of our funders and stakeholders.
  • Consolidate and grow our globally competitive research capability and capacity.
  • Apply our research to reinforce the development and growth aspirations of our regional and national economy.
  • Facilitate collaboration with leading academic, commercial and public sector partners.
  • Deliver a nurturing environment which identifies, supports and develops future research leaders and directions.
  • Measure our success through the demonstrable quality and impact of our research.

Research Themes

The College has several interdisciplinary research themes that are important to the UK's research base, economic development and social well-being. The College also hosts several major research centres, each of which has a specific expertise and facilities focused in the area. Our research activities can also be understood by department following the traditional scientific and engineering disciplines.

  1. Environment
  2. Materials
  3. Astronomy, Space & Earth Observation
  4. Life Sciences Interface (LSI)
  5. Humanities and Social Sciences Interface
  6. Data Analytics and Computational Modelling (a cross-cutting theme)

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