School of Engineering

AeroTraNet2 - FP7 Aeronautical Training Network

PI Aldo Rona 
Qualifications: BEng, PhD, SFHEA
Tel: +44 (0)116 252 2510        
Associate Professor
Head of Group

Project work packages

  • WP1: Leicester: CFD of jets with strong shock-associated noise
  • WP2: Cerfacs: LES of dual-flux coaxial jets
  • WP3: UNIROMA TRE: Wavelets and velocity-pressure analysis methods
  • WP4: VKI: Dual flux jet experiments
  • WP5: IMFT: Jet shear layer instability and ad joint techniques
  • WP6: GE Power: Knowledge management and uncertainty quantification
  • WP7: INSEAN: Pressure-velocity coupling experiments
  • WP8: Airbus France: Cross-read with flight test data
  • WP9: U. Greenwich: Reduced order parametrized models

Main results

  • 9PhD's
  • ANTARES noise extractor
  • Shock-associated noise
  • Knowledge capturing GE tool
  • Dual stream jet receptivity map

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