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Vicky Lessen

vicky lessen profile imageBSc Chemistry
Graduated 2012

After three wonderful years of university I thought I'd take a little break before I entered the work world and took time to travel - I spent four months in South America, experiencing different cultures, sites and, of course, food! I came home right before Christmas and was on the hunt for my first full time job come New Year. 

Whilst at University I had decided that I wanted to go into marketing, I wasn't sure how but marketing for me utilised the analytical skills I had gained from my degree with my passion for creativity. Marketing is so diverse so I wanted to get a broad overview first. 

I landed an internship which eventually turned into a full-time role with a local travel SME. My degree helped enormously in my interview - and thoroughly impressed the MD. I got involved in all aspects of marketing and developed my skills throughout my time here. 

After a couple of years, I then thought it was time for a change and went for an opportunity in a large corporate organisation in the retention marketing team. I am now a Member Marketing Executive for AXA PPP healthcare. I continually work on multiple projects across multiple channels and often have to manage quite senior stakeholders. It really helped me develop and refine my skill set. 

Although I studied a different subject to marketing, the skills I gained from my course were vital for my progression. Organisation, project management and analysis (to name a few) have helped me greatly through my career so far. I look forward to the future.

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