At Leicester, our teaching is powered by our world leading research.

We offer a range of courses that reflect the modern needs for chemistry in industry and society. You will learn to use the very latest research equipment and instruments for chemical analysis, and graduate with the breadth and depth of knowledge to be a professional chemist. Alternatively, you can take advantage of the transferable skill set that the Leicester degrees equip you with to seek employment in a variety of related professional disciplines.

Our research school has an international profile with a wide range of equipment, facilities and technical expertise to support your studies.

Students at Leicester benefit from:

  • consistently high student satisfaction;
  • excellent graduate prospects;
  • exciting & flexible course choices;
  • industrial & international partnerships;
  • teaching and research supervision by world leading academics;
  • an adherence to small-group teaching;
  • variety of assessment strategies throughout the modules; 
  • an excellent academic and pastoral support structure.

Chemistry at Leicester