School of Chemistry

Reema Naran

reema naran profile imageBSc Chemistry
Graduated 2013

I graduated from the University of Leicester in 2013. Currently, I am very grateful to be working at one of the most prestigious financial consultancies in the world. I move around from investment banks on short-term projects specialising in Capital Markets. There is not a day where I am not challenged! By studying Chemistry, I developed skills such as presentation, research and attention to detail. Three years later, these transferable skills have been strengthened. In five years’ time, my aim is to be a Senior Manager/Partner at a Consultancy and a mentor for those new in the industry. During my studies, my favourite module was 'Advanced Analytical Chemistry'. This was a fantastic module taught by Professor Abbott at the time. The Chemistry Department staff were incredibly supportive during my studies. I am so grateful to have had that level of support from them even out of term-time.

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