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Graduate career profiles

We caught up with some of our graduates to discover how a degree in Chemistry from Leicester has helped them to launch their career.

Karl Zegarac, Corporate Finance

MChem Chemistry (2012-2015)

I really enjoyed my four years at Leicester in the Chemistry Department, and I wouldn't swap them for anything. I was surrounded by peers that shared the same values as myself, which incorporated working hard, playing hard and getting results... read Karl's full profile

Jonathan Campbell, Musician/Product Manager

MChem Chemistry with a Year Abroad (2011-2014)

Having graduated from the University of Leicester in 2014 with a 2:1 MChem with a year abroad, I went almost immediately into the working world. I had secured my first job as a product manager for Scott Bader... read Jonathan's full profile

Jude Britton, Project Coordinator

BSc Chemistry (2010-2012)

I currently work as a project coordinator for Renishaw where I work on new product development. Since completing my undergraduate degree in Chemistry at Leicester, I went on to... read Jude's full profile

Vicky Lessen, Marketing

BSc Chemistry (2010-2012)

After 3 wonderful years of University I thought I'd take a little break before I entered the work world and took time to travel - I spent 4 months in South America, experiencing different cultures, sites and, of course, food... read Vicky's full profile

Chris Smith, Management Consultant

MChem Chemistry with a Year Abroad (2010-2013)

I can hardly believe it's been 3 years since graduating from Leicester, categorically a fantastic day all round. Immediately after graduation I took a role for the summer in Greece, teaching sailing to English holidaymakers in the resort of Vassiliki. With one final summer before the 'real world' started, I figured I'd make the most of it... read Chris's full profile

Shazmeen Hansrod, Radiopharmacy

MChem Pharmaceutical Chemistry (2010-2013)

After completing my undergraduate degree at The University of Leicester, I decided to pursue a professional career in the scientific field. I had thoroughly enjoyed my undergraduate research project which involved the synthesis and characterisation... read Shazmeen's full profile

Poppy Jones, Propellant Chemist

MChem Chemistry with Forensic Science (2009-2012)

After graduating I secured a graduate position in the plastics industry, where I worked in the testing and analysis labs. After a few years, I decided to spend some time travelling the world which was incredible... read Poppy's full profile


Reema Naran, Financial Consultant

BSc Chemistry (2011-2013)

I graduated from the University of Leicester in 2013. Currently, I am very grateful to be working at one of the most prestigious financial consultancies in the world... read Reema's full profile

Sarah Goodman, Inorganic Analytical Scientist

MChem Chemistry (2007-2011)

Hi, my name is Sarah Goodman, since graduating from the University of Leicester with an MChem (Hons) I have gone on to work as an inorganic analytical scientist for an international testing company... read Sarah's full profile

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