Archaeology and Ancient History

Careers, placements and internships

All of our degrees have a strong emphasis on career development, so by the time you graduate, you will feel informed and inspired about the next step. The University also has an excellent careers development service to provide guidance and advice.

After graduating, John signed a deal to make an archaeology TV documentary.

Employability modules

Employability and choice are central to our ethos: whether you already know what you want to do or want to explore your options, we offer support and opportunities. This starts from the moment you choose your degree to the time you graduate. Our modules give you the chance to work directly with professionals outside the University, especially in your second and third years.

Volunteering and placements

We offer a wealth of opportunities for our students to gain experience in schools and heritage organisations: second and third year module placements, the Leicester Award, HEAR/Leicester Award accredited volunteering, and Archaeology and Classics internships. Unique volunteering opportunities include our Archaeology and Classics in the Community programme.

As part of our final-year undergraduate module Archaeology and Ancient History in Education, students can choose to take a 30-hour placement in a school or heritage setting (e.g. Richard III Visitor CentreBosworth Battlefield Heritage CentreGreyfriars Townscape Heritage Initiative) where they work with their teacher/heritage mentor to gain a range of experience and to design and deliver a lesson plan or outreach activity. The module provides an excellent foundation for a PGCE or a career in heritage management.

Since 2012, more than 70 students have taken Archaeology and Ancient History in Education, and over half of these have gone on to PGCE, teaching or heritage-related posts, or to postgraduate courses in museums and heritage management.

Archaeology internships

We offer up to fifteen internships each year with University of Leicester Archaeological Services (ULAS), our award-winning commercial archaeology unit. Many of our students have gained valuable training and professional experience alongside their academic studies, and have progressed to a career in professional archaeology. Many are now working for ULAS!

To find out more about internships with ULAS, read Saskia's story about her internship.

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