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Whatever interests you about archaeology and ancient history, we can assure you that if you have a passion for the past, we have a degree for you.

Archaeology and Ancient History at the University of Leicester

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Available degrees

Archaeology BA (with optional year abroad)
3-4 years, full-time | UCAS code: V400
Learn practical skills, engage with material culture, think critically about the past, and develop a unique long-term perspective on human, animal, and material worlds and their relevance to the present.

Archaeology BSc (with optional year abroad)
3-4 years, full-time | UCAS code: F400
Develop the key skills and knowledge that will equip you for a career in the professional archaeological sector, and engage critically with the past.

Ancient History BA (with optional year abroad)
3-4 years, full-time | UCAS code: V112
Imperialist titans, gladiatorial battles, and the political skulduggery of Ancient Greece – the ancient world is truly fascinating. In this degree, you’ll come face-to-face with the societies and cultures of antiquity, take one step closer to unravelling the past, and prepare yourself for a career in the modern world.

Ancient History and Archaeology BA (with optional year abroad)
3-4 years, full-time | UCAS code: VV41
Delve into the ancient world through studying a combination of material culture and texts. Combining archaeology with ancient history, this degree gives you the practical and intellectual skills to tackle exciting topics in the past which are relevant today.

History and Archaeology BA (with optional year abroad)
3-4 years, full-time | UCAS code: VV14
Aristotle said it best: the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. By studying history and archaeology side-by-side, you’ll dig deeper into the sources and material evidence of the past.

Ancient History and History BA (with optional year abroad)
3-4 years, full-time | UCAS code: V110
What ideas have transcended the ages? How has antiquity impacted the world today? By studying a vast range of historical periods, you’ll look at the ways in which the modern and ancient worlds are inextricably linked.

Distance learning degrees

Archaeology BA (also available as DipHE, CertHE or short course - one module)
1-6 years, by distance learning
Can't make it to campus? In this distance learning degree, you can still learn about the theory and practice of archaeology, and how it can be used to make sense of millions of years of human history.

Ancient History and Classical Archaeology BA (also available as DipHE or CertHE)
1-6 years, by distance learning
When it comes to understanding the past, two disciplines are often better than one. In this degree, you'll study the ancient and classical worlds through both textual and material remains, with the added flexibility of working from home.


As a student at Leicester, you will have the opportunity to gain valuable practical and professional experience out in the field, in our labs, and on study tours around the world.

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