Archaeology and Ancient History

Suggested reading


  • Renfrew and Bahn: Archaeology: theories, methods and practice
  • Alcock and Osborne: Classical Archaeology


Archaeology at the BBC - A collection of programmes charting the BBC's first ventures into archaeology programming.


BBC Radio 4 In Our Time has some excellent discussions on archaeological, classical and historical topics, including:

The History of the World in 100 Objects - Originally recorded in 2010, this series was written by staff at the British Museum and presented by the director at the time, Neil MacGregor. Each episode focuses on a single object from the British Museum and is under 15mins long. The series is an excellent listen from start to finish as it takes you from the first humans right up to the present day - but it is also very easy to dip in and pick the episode that takes your fancy (from a Suffragette penny to the head of Augustus!).


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