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Alison Phillips headshotWe are Digital Services. We are responsible for the sustainable provision of core IT infrastructure and digital solutions across the University. Our Digital Strategy and Masterplan will take the University on a journey of digital transformation to implement innovative and modern solutions that will enhance both the student and employee experience.

Digital Services is made up of the Digital Delivery and Service Delivery teams, working together to create a digital campus in which students and staff can be as creative and productive as possible as they learn, teach, undertake research and run the organisation. Divisional Operations work across both teams to provide the critical logistical and administrative support needed for all activities, including managing the University’s portfolio of software licences and cloud service subscriptions.

The Division is led by the Director of Digital Services, Alison Phillips.

Digital Delivery

We lead on delivering the Digital Strategy and Masterplan, by designing, building and bringing innovation into new services and digital capabilities – from understanding business requirements and designing solutions, through to development and implementation. Digital Delivery consists of the Digital Portfolio, Architecture, Application Services, and Development teams.

The Digital Portfolio team manage and oversee a portfolio of programmes and projects that make up the digital masterplan as well as operational projects. We provide digital business partnering to support departments across the University with their digital capability needs. Project governance is provided by the Digital Delivery Board which supports the development, prioritisation and approval of business cases, as well as project delivery assurance.

The Architecture team maintain the University’s end-to-end digital architecture by providing oversight, solution guidance and assurance that we are doing the right things in the right way. Encompassing both business and technology capabilities, we apply solutions architecture and business analysis to design new systems, or enhance existing ones, to meet emerging needs. We also provide technical recommendations to ensure we are aligned with the University’s strategic direction.

Application Services are responsible for the provision and support of the corporate systems, master data and business intelligence systems which support the University’s business processes such as Student Records, Timetabling, Accommodation Management, Research Management, Finance, HR, Payroll, Marketing and Facilities Management. We provide and operate the critical platforms that underpin the day-to-day teaching activities through Online Learning, Lecture Capture and Digital Collaboration.

The Development, Analysis and Agile Delivery team provide systems analysis, development and configuration of third-party systems which support key student and business capabilities. These systems include Student Records, Timetabling, and SAP for HR, Finance and Payroll. We also build and support our own software solutions using state-of-the-art technologies to support the University’s business and academic capabilities. We also run the processes, support and co-ordination for testing across all our products and services to ensure we deliver to the highest quality possible.

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Service Delivery

We focus on the day-to-day delivery and support of IT services. This includes maintaining the University's campus network and key technologies that enable research, and providing oversight and assurance that all our services, data and information are safe and secure. Service Delivery comprises of the Workplace Technology Services, Infrastructure and Operations, IT Risk and Continuity, and Divisional Operations teams. 

Workplace Technology Services are responsible for providing first line support for services through our Service Desk, End User Support and Learning and Teaching Room Support teams. We ensure all of our students and staff have access to the technology they need throughout student PC areas, learning and study spaces, staff WorkSmart zones and offices – and that these technologies and services are developed to meet the evolving needs of users.

Infrastructure and Operations develop and maintain the fundamental infrastructure that underpins our services, applications and data. This includes the University's campus network that provides wired and Wi-Fi connectivity, voice and telephony services, our datacentres, servers and storage that host on-premise services, as well as the specialised research technology - including High Performance Computing and research file storage - that supports researchers with delivering their world-changing research.

The IT Risk and Continuity team are responsible for the University’s vital Risk Management, Cyber Security and Business Continuity activity. We oversee all day-to-day cyber security operations, working with colleagues across Digital Services and more widely in the University to help ensure our users, data and systems are safe and secure. We support colleagues in other professional services divisions with understanding IT related risk, and engage with internal and external audit and assurance activities.


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