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Our estate extends to a total site area of 95 hectares, comprising a non-residential estate of 110 buildings covering around 200,000m2 and a residential estate of 191 properties totalling around 100,000m2. The majority of the academic facilities are located to the south of Leicester city centre with a main campus supplemented by a number of satellite properties nearby. The residences are in two locations: The City, on the edge of main campus, and The Village which is around 3 miles away. We also have strong links with several hospital sites in and around Leicester.

We are responsible for maintaining, developing and operating our properties to support our strategy and ensure that we deliver the service that our students, staff and visitors want and expect. 

We are currently working on an exciting new programme of improvements to the estate.

Estates consists of:

Key people

Michael Flanagan - Director of Estates and Campus Service 

Digital Services

We are responsible for sustainable provision of core IT infrastructure and application services across the University. We aim to create a digital campus in which students and staff can be as creative and productive as possible as they learn, teach, undertake research and run the organisation.

Digital Services consists of:

  • Digital solutions teams - focus on the design, building and innovation of new services and facilities.
  • Service delivery teams - run, maintain and optimise digital services and facilities.

Key people

Vacant - Director of Digital Solutions, Digital Services
Chris Tilbury - Director of IT Operations, Digital Services

Shika Patel - Personal Assistant
+44 (0)116 252 2381 

+44 (0)116 252 2253

Visit the Digital Services website.

Partner Organisations

We enjoy close links with College Court, the University’s dedicated hotel and conference centre, and Leicester Services Partnership, a company jointly owned by the University and Students Union to provide the catering and retail on campus.

College court

+44 (0)116 244 9669
Visit the College Court website.

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