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Freemen's multi-storey car park

As well as being open to staff, students and visitors, our Freemen’s Common Multi-Storey Car Park (MSCP) is also open to the general public throughout the year. Contactless payments can be made upon exit at the barriers or by using the payment machines on the lower ground and ground floors. 

Staff are able to apply for a parking permit by using the University’s Parking Portal and visiting

Freemen's Multi-Storey Car Park

The Freemen's Common MSCP contains:

  • 555 parking spaces
  • 28 EV charging bays - located on Ground Floor and 6th Floor
  • Open 24/7 365 days a year
  • Open to permit holders and the public
  • Visitor parking for the Central Campus
  • ANPR technology

MSCP rates

 Length of stay  General/Visitor 
 Up to 10 mins drop-off  FREE
 Up to 3 hours  £4.00
 3-6 hours  £6.00
 6-9 hours  £8.00
 Up to 12 hours  £12.00
 Nights (6pm-7am)  £5.00

Special rates

  • Visitors to the University for open days/offer-holder days can park at a reduced rate of £1.00 per day
  • Parking is available to the general public on match days for Leicester City Football Club and Leicester Tigers Rugby at a reduced rate of £5.00 all day

 Visa accepted    Contactless accepted   Apple Pay accepted

Electric charging points

There are 28 Electric Charging points available in the multi storey car park and are facilitated by Sevadis Cloud. There is a QR code on each charger which when scanned takes you to the website to create an account. The tariff is £0.31 per kWh. There are not any charging cables at the charging points.

  • Ground Floor - 6 EV Charging points 
  • 6th Floor - 22 EV Charging points

Please note there is no right turn to the multi-story when approaching southbound from Welford Road (e.g. from the city/main campus). The car park can be approached when heading northbound up Welford Road at the Putney Road/Welford Road junction, or heading southbound from the city to access Putney Road via Counting House Road.

University of Leicester is a BPA approved operator

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