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Tobias Gould

Our Entrepreneur in Residence Tobias GouldTobias is a social entrepreneur and business leader, founder of, and co-author of the Government’s flagship ‘Help to Grow’ programme delivered by 50 universities across the UK. He has spent the last 5 years working in business innovation, helping 80+ companies create and evaluate hundreds of business models through high quality facilitation, design thinking, pivoting, evaluating and testing. He loves working with students and has been a business mentor for both Young Enterprise and Enactus programmes, as well as being a judge for the Enactus World Cup.

He is particularly interested in new community business models where the customer moves from being a fan or audience of the brand to higher levels of interaction and involvement. Tobias has a background in social enterprise and market research consultancy, specialising in brand planning, quantitative and qualitative research, working across marketing, pharmaceutical, transport, education and charity sectors.

Tobias’s natural habitat is a couple of sofas in front of a large whiteboard. He loves the magic that happens from the buzz of brainstorming, helping entrepreneurs work through business tools, steering them towards breakthrough moments, and reinforcing their motivation to get stuff done.

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