School of Business


Good leaders require a strong education but also the support to develop their leadership abilities. Our postgraduate courses are designed to offer you a challenging and rewarding experience across a range of areas.

Our postgraduate courses are split into six subject areas: accounting, economics, finance, management, marketing, and entrepreneurship and innovation. We offer both conversion and specialist courses to suit your personal and career aspirations.


Accounting and Finance MSc
1 year, full time, campus-based
This is for you if... you want to study the principal methods of financial management and accounting and learn to analyse complex business situation.

Management, Finance and Accounting MSc
1 year, full time, campus-based
Finance and accounting are the backbone of many organisations. But without good management, things can easily fall apart. You’ll learn how to solve complex finance and accounting problems, and keep organisations moving in the right direction.

Finance and Economics

Banking and International Finance MSc
1 year, full time, campus-based
This is for you if... you want to understand the methods used in international banking and finance from an analytical viewpoint.

Business Analysis and Finance MSc
1 year, full time, campus-based
This is for you if... you want to apply your understanding of economics and quantitative techniques to the analysis of problems in business regulation, organisation and finance.

Finance MSc
1 year, full time, campus-based
This is for you if... you want to learn the mechanics of financial markets, understand the financial decisions of corporations and the nature of financial risk.

Financial Risk Management MSc
1 year, full-time, campus-based
In the world of finance, focusing on risk is just as important as focusing on return. We’ll equip you with skills in risk management techniques, quantitative and financial analysis, and programming – exactly what you need to work in the financial industry.


Healthcare Management MSc
1-2 years, full- or part-time, campus based
This is for you want to learn how to be an exceptional manager in the healthcare environment.

Human Resource Management and Training MSc
1 year, full-time, campus-based
Without strategic guidance and education, employees and organisations have a tough time making real progress. With high-level knowledge and skills in human resource management and training, you’ll be the one that makes all the difference.

International Management MSc
1 year, full-time, campus-based
How do global organisations operate? What are the economic, political and social factors that come into play? In this degree, you’ll gain the confidence to answer these questions, and the skills to jump right into an international management role.

Management MSc
1 year, full-time, campus-based
Why do humans behave the way they do within organisations? Better still, how do you properly manage this behaviour? You’ll approach questions like these critically and practically, and learn what it takes to become an exceptional manager.

Management and Leadership MSc
1 year, full-time, campus-based
This is for you if... you want to combine a comprehensive grounding in the functions of management with an in-depth exploration of the theory and practice of leadership in the 21st century.


Marketing MSc
1 year, full-time, campus-based
This is for you if... you want to enhance your existing skills to become a successful marketing professional and gain an advanced knowledge of issues facing marketers today. 

Entrepreneurship and innovation

Entrepreneurship and Innovation MSc
1 year, campus-based
This is for you if... you have an entrepreneurial or innovative mind and would like to learn how to manage innovative ideas, either within organisations or as an entrepreneur.

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