Institute for Digital Culture


Institute Director

Institute Deputy Director

Research theme leads

Dr Cristina Galalae

  • Research Theme Lead for Inclusive Digital Design 

Dr Georgiana Grigore

  • Research Theme Lead for Digital Skills and Leadership 

Dr Stef De Sabbata

  • Research Theme Lead for Cultural Informatics 

Professor Hongji Yang

  • Research Theme Lead for Creative and Cultural Technologies 

Institute fellows

Alberto Cossu

  • Lecturer in Media and Communication
  • Director of the Digital Media research cluster

Alex Kviat

  • Leverhulme Early Career Fellow

Rogerio da Silva

  • Lecturer in Creative Computing

Fabricio Goes

  • Lecturer in Creative Computing 

Marco Volpe

  • Lecturer in Creative Computing

Zhuolin Li

  • ‘Future 100’ PhD researcher, Museum Studies / David Wilson Library

Clarissa Wilson

  • ‘Future 100’ PhD researcher, Museum Studies / Barker Langham Ltd

Kathleen Lawther

  • ‘Future 100’ PhD researcher, Museum Studies / Art UK / Collections Trust

Alaa Alsaffar

  • 'Future 100' PhD researcher, School of Business

Shelby Navone

  • 'Future 50' PhD research, School of Museum Studies / Attenborough Arts Centre

Honorary research fellows

Sophie Frost

  • Honorary Research Fellow

Creative Partner

Paul Long

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