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As well as identifying areas of strategic need for research around/with digital technology in the culture sector, and brokering new projects and purposeful initiatives, the Institute also has a key role in amplifying research, and helping it get to the points where it can be most useful.

One way we do this is through producing open and accessible research outputs – such as podcasts.

Institute Research Fellow, Dr Sophie Frost, has researched, written and presented a number of these series, each taking areas of inter-disciplinary and collaborative research in the area of digital culture, and sharing them in a way that is open to everyone.

Voices of the Royal Pavilion and Museums (2020), People. Change. Museums. (2020-2021) and The Hidden Constellation (2022), present perspectives on the role and impact of technology across cultural institutions including Royal Pavilion and Museums Brighton and Hove (UK), Smithsonian Institution (US), and Science Museum Group (UK) amongst others. Each of these podcasts have been produced by Chris Thorpe-Tracey of Lo-Fi Arts, with artwork design by Matt C. Stokes.

Taking the Institute’s opening year as her inspiration, Sophie will be producing a new series, reflecting on what the term ‘Digital Culture’ might mean to academics, practitioners, policy-makers and their publics, and what opportunity research in this area has for making a real difference to the culture sector.

Listen to Sophie Frost’s previous series:

Released October 2022

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