Institute for Digital Culture

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Opening a completely new Institute for Digital Culture is a chance to work in new ways – sharing opportunity, providing multiple points of entry, and helping everyone to show up on their own terms.

Enabling the Institute to work across subjects, institutions and national contexts, our Digital Commons is our online collaborative space for researchers, advisors, partners and collaborators to interact – wherever they are, and whenever they can. Our Digital Commons is our space in which to identify need, ideate approaches, broker partnerships, design projects and test insights.

Our Fellowships and Affiliates programmes enable flexible ways for people inside and outside the University of Leicester to build the type of association with the Institute that is right for them – whether short-term or long-term, project-based or more exploratory. A means for academic researchers to find collaboration, inspiration and support in the digital culture sector, and for sectoral colleagues to draw upon university networks, expertise and infrastructure.

To express your interest in our new Fellowship scheme please contact Ross Parry at

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