Research Centres


The centre is a team that includes academic staff, technical staff and PhD students

Academic staff

Dr Padmasini Behera
Dr Juan Carlos Berrio
Dr Arnoud Boom
Dr Andrew Carr
Professor Sarah Gabbott
Dr Tom Harvey
Dr Andrew McIntyre
Professor Mark Purnell (Director)
Dr David Unwin
Dr Tim E. van Peer
Professor Mark Williams
Professor Jens Zinke


Professor David Siveter
Professor Jan Zalasiewicz

Technical Staff

Ed Thomas
Genna Tyrrell

PhD students (those aligned with the centre)

Rachel Belben
Alice Fugangnoli
Tom Green
Rachael Holmes
Hedwig Krawczyk
Rob (kunming)
Anna McGairy
Walid Naciri
Rab Smyth
Manlin Zhang

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