Molly Desorgher

Postgraduate researcher

School/Department: Geography, Geology, and the Environment, School of



I am a second year PhD student, studying the relationships between humans, more-than-humans, and waterways in the Anthropocene. My project is multidisciplinary, and weaves together geological and ethnographic methods of knowledge production in its attempt to understand the physical, social, and political history of the River Soar in Leicester. In my work I move between geology, environmental science, social science, and science & technology studies, taking insights on waterways and the Anthropocene from each. I'm interested in combining critical-creative and sensory methods with more traditional scientific research, and how this might help to produce knowledge for living mutualistically in the Anthropocene.

In addition to my research, I co-convene the IEF Researchers' Forum - a creative and supportive space for postgraduate and early career researchers, with current outputs including panel discussions, art workshops, and a zine which we hope to publish regularly.

Prior to starting my PhD, I completed an MEng in Civil, Structural, & Environmental Engineering at Jesus College, Cambridge. When I'm not working, I'm usually halfway up a mountain, or swimming in a lake somewhere.

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