Professor Mark Williams

Professor of Palaeobiology


Palaeontologist Professor Mark Williams examines the evolution of life over geological timescales. Over three decades his research has taken him from the tropics to the polar regions, working across terrains as diverse as glaciers, deserts, jungles and everything in between.  

Professor Williams’ current focus is on studying patterns of human induced changes to life, such as the impacts of introduced species into ecosystems as far apart as San Francisco Bay and the Leicestershire countryside. His research explores solutions to human induced changes to the biosphere. Those changes may be one of the defining characteristics of a new geological epoch known as the Anthropocene. 

Mass extinctions in the past have been caused by a massive asteroid strike, rapid and substantial changes in climate, and sustained super-volcanic eruptions. Professor Williams’ research explores how humans might avoid becoming part of this ignoble group of causes of mass extinction.

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