Dr Juan Carlos Berrio

Senior Lecturer in Physical Geography

School/Department: Geography Geology & The Environment, School of

Telephone: +44 (0)116 252 3833



I conduct research in several Latin-American countries (Colombia Guatemala Mexico and Venezuela) in different ecosystems including the tropical rain forest (TRF) of the Amazon Basin and Chocó province the inter-montane dry biomes savanna ecosystem and its boundaries with TRF.


My research interest focuses in to understand patterns of distribution and dynamics of tropical vegetation the biogeographical control of different plant species and their relationships with main drivers of climate change. In order to investigate climate variability and environmental change I do apply different proxies to study both long-and-short term sedimentary records from different tropical biomes. Most of the time is dedicated to trace such climate variations and vegetation changes at millennial and decadal to orbital time scales.


All recent publications can be seen on Google Scholar at:



Palaeoenvironmental Reconstructions Climate Change Palynology Palaeoecology Quaternary Environmental Change South America Amazon Rainforests Above Ground Biomass Carbon fluxes Green House Gasses Biodiversity Biogeography


I do teach on modules such as Dynamic Biosphere Understanding Ecosystems and Environments of the Distant Past and Research Design

Press and media

Palaeoecology and Environmental change Vegetation analysis and Biogeography


Member of the Leicester's Quaternary Palaeoenvironments Research group. I am also a member of the Palaeoclimate Commission (PALCOM) of INQUA.


Bsc Biology from the Colombian Universidad Javeriana; PhD in Biology from the University of Amsterdam.
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