Dr Arnoud Boom

Associate professor in Biogeochemistry

School/Department: Geography Geology & The Environment, School of



I am a bio-geochemist / organic geochemist. My research evolves around reconstructing climates of the past in particular the tropics. I am also interested in soil and plant organic matter studies.

I am the Director and founder of the Leicester Environmental Stable Isotope Laboratory.


NERC Congo Peat past present and Future

NERC Transforming our understanding of the Indonesian Throughflow variability and its climatological influence long coral records from strategic sites

NERC Towards a Comprehensive Understanding of Changes in the Amazon Hydrological Cycle

NERC Testing novel isotope approaches to reconstruct past precipitation regimes in the Amazon

UKRI-NERC MEMBRA: Understanding Memory of UK Treescapes for Better Resilience and Adaptation



If you have a means to support your PhD then I am keen to supervise topics in the field of organic geochemistry and environmental stable isotopes please contact me if you are interested.


GY3434: Stable isotopes in the environment

GY3431: Neotropical Rainforests (Field course to the Colombian rainforest)

Press and media

Climate change Amazon rainforest Andean ecosystems
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