Languages at Leicester is a programme of non-credited extracurricular language courses offering the largest range of languages to study in Leicestershire. We are housed within the School of Arts at the University of Leicester. Languages at Leicester is open to everyone. Whether you are an absolute beginner who has never tried a foreign language or a fluent polyglot looking to add another string to your bow, we cater for all.

You don't need any connection with the University to take advantage of our language expertise - if you are over 18 and have internet access, you can learn one of the 19 languages with Languages at Leicester. We offer up to seven different levels so that you can improve or revise languages which you have already studied. Or why not try something new? We provide a range of courses to suit your requirements: evening lessons, fast track classes on Saturdays, courses for academic research purposes and a Summer School.

Covid-19 Update

Due to the pandemic and to keep students and staff safe, we are offering a mix of ONLINE and ON-CAMPUS courses following the University’s initiative Ignite.

Language course take place once a week and we use the best resources to deliver online and face-to-face lessons and share learning materials. Classes are led by experienced and enthusiastic language tutors. We have delivered online language courses throughout the 2020/21 year and this is the feedback we have received from our students.

“It’s been a great [online] experience, supported my learning and I have thorough enjoyed it.” - Online Portuguese Beginners

Languages for travel

Holidays abroad are more enjoyable when you can converse in the local language and understand signs and notices. And for globe-trotters, an understanding of major languages can provide an easy way into other, more localised tongues.

Languages for fun

Learning new languages is a satisfying hobby that will introduce you to new people, ideas and cultures. With Languages at Leicester, you will have the academic expertise of a leading university - without the academic rigour.

Weekend courses for busy people

We offer Fast Track courses on Saturdays that are ideal for those who couldn't attend lessons during the week. These 10-week long courses enable students to complete a level in just one term (10 lessons).

Languages for business

In today's global economy, a second (or third) language can be a valuable business asset. It impresses employers, it pleases clients - and even if not directly needed for your career, it always looks good on a CV!

Take a look at the languages we offer below