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Arabic For Readers

This is for you if you have no prior knowledge of spoken Arabic (or so little that you effectively want to start again from scratch), but you are able to read the Qur'an or some Arabic. You will learn basic skills to enable you to make yourself understood and to find out information in everyday situations.

Key information

Course starting in October 2024

  • Course: Thursdays 7.00pm - 9.00pm
    Delivery: On-campus (face-to-face)
    Timeline: Starts 10 October 2024 - ends 27 March 2025
    Lengths: 20 weeks (60 learning hours)
    Fees: £270 (payable in two termly instalments of £135 each). 

This course requires a minimum of 8 and it can have up to a maximum of 20 students. The course fee includes all tuition, access to Blackboard, handouts and any tests/exams, but not a textbook.

Term 1 runs from October to December, Term 2 from January to March and Term 3 from April to July. A full course comprises 60 learning hours. Lessons are two hours long and take place once a week. When enrolling you are committing to the full 20 weeks. There is the option to pay for the full course in one payment or two instalments. You are welcome to join in the second term of a course if you have previous knowledge and experience of the language.

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Entry level

No previous skills and knowledge of spoken Arabic is required, but you are able to read the Qur'an or some Arabic.

Course content

  • Greeting host/friends; introducing others and responding to introductions
  • Learn all the pronouns 
  • Describing yourself, family, friends and others; using adjectives 
  • Learn the numbers; describing your age, date of birth, the day of the week, reading bus/train timetables, asking about the price
  • Describing your home, garden and possessions
  • Asking about the menu, ordering food and drink at a café or restaurant
  • Hobbies: common activities, how often they are practised, places where activities take place
  • Festivals: writing invitation cards, messages, describing the food in these celebrations
  • Using the present tense
  • Understanding announcements for trains, boats and coaches
  • Asking about tourist facilities: castles, temples and mosques
  • Enquiring about days/times of opening and closing
  • Booking and buying tickets
  • Understanding advertisements, signs and notices
  • Using demonstrative pronouns and talking about feelings
  • Health matters, describing illness. 
  • Booking appointments


  • 'Read and Speak Arabic for Beginners' by Mahmood Gaafar and Jane Wightwick.
  • 'Mastering Arabic 1 Activity Book' by Mahmoud Gaafar and Jane Wightwick.

There isn't a University bookshop however The European Bookshop website holds our book list and offers a 10% discount to all our students. Languages at Leicester Reading List. 

It is not essential to bring a course book to the first class. The tutor will discuss book requirements in class and advise you of the best places to obtain the book if required. With some languages there is the option for us to order text books on behalf of a class.

Our approach

This course is taught in Arabic and English. Our programme aims to develop the four language skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing as well as cultural awareness. It provides a good balance between understanding the culture, vocabulary and grammar structures of the Arabic language and enhancing communication and interaction. It supports comprehensive and productive skills in speech and writing through authentic activities and guided practice in the use of Arabic language. Students will be encouraged to seek opportunities to learn and practise the four skills outside the classroom taking advantage of learning resources provided by tutors and the programme. Lessons are planned to allow intensive interactive practice with individual feedback and advice on progress.


Upon completing the Beginners level (1), you can progress onto the Post-Beginners level (2).

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