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Japanese FlagThere are more than 125 million native speakers of Japanese and, despite the language's apparent complexity, its popularity as a second language is growing (particularly in China, South Korea and Australia).

A knowledge of Japanese can be very useful in all aspects of international trade, finance and banking. Japan is also a popular and fascinating holiday destination, and Japanese culture - from J-pop to J-horror - is now present globally with scores of non-native speakers enjoying Japanese music, films, TV, literature and, of course, comic books.

Apply for Japanese Beginners Level 1
Apply for Japanese Beginners Level 1 Fast Track
Apply for Japanese Post-beginners Level 2*
Apply for Japanese Post-beginners Fast Track Level 2*
Apply for Japanese Intermediate Level 3*
Apply for Japanese Intermediate Level 3 Fast Track*
Apply for Japanese Upper-intermediate Level 4*
Apply for Japanese Advanced Level 5*

*(New courses available from October 2024. The 2024/25 course-timetable will be published in July 2024.)

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