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Modern Languages PGCE

languages tutor and studentTeaching the next generation of students is a rewarding way of using your talents and creativity to engage young people with languages and different cultures.

The Modern Languages PGCE at Leicester is offered in the following combinations:

  • French
  • French with German
  • French with Spanish
  • Spanish with French

The main purpose of the programme is to enable you to be a confident, competent and reflective teacher of Modern Languages, capable of making a full contribution to the effectiveness of a Modern Languages department in a British secondary school

Programme aims

The Modern Languages PGCE course offers you the opportunity to:

  • Reflect on the purposes of learners of another language
  • Examine theories of foreign/second language acquisition
  • Form your own coherent style of teaching
  • Critically evaluate the National Curriculum and current thinking
  • Evaluate materials and techniques for teaching and testing
  • Create and use your own teaching materials
  • Take account of the needs of different learners
  • Investigate various methodologies
  • Observe a range of practices

Subject specialism

The Modern Languages subject specialism will run throughout the academic year and will cover a variety of areas, including:

  • The history of foreign language teaching
  • Communicative language teaching
  • GCSE specifications
  • Teaching speaking and listening
  • Teaching reading and writing
  • ICT and language teaching
  • Creativity in language teaching
  • Lesson planning and classroom management


Continuous assessment is used throughout the course and there are no examinations.

Eligibility criteria


Applications are welcome from students with good Languages qualifications at honours degree level. Your degree should be in the language you wish to teach. Currently we offer the following combinations, which reflect the languages offered in our partner schools:

  • French
  • French with German
  • French with Italian
  • French with Spanish
  • Spanish with French

Other combinations may be possible but it is an expectation that you offer some French. Applications will also be welcomed from those with joint or combined honours degrees in which French is a major subject, for example French and Law, French and Classical Studies or French and Business Studies.

In addition we will accept applications from native speakers with honours degrees or equivalent. For advice about equivalence of degrees obtained from countries other than the UK and recognition of qualifications, you are advised to consult UK Naric.

In exceptional circumstances we accept applicants whose degree does not meet these general guidelines, looking at each individual case on its merits. You may therefore wish to make a case for the relevance of your degree on your application form.


All applicants must have achieved a Grade C or equivalent in Mathematics and English Language at GCSE. You may apply without these qualifications, but if you are successful at interview you must have passed them by the start of the course. Special tests in lieu of GCSE Mathematics and English are available for Secondary candidates who are offered conditional places but are lacking the requisite qualification.

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