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Automated Quantitative Mineralogy

The ZEISS Sigma 300VP FEGSEM joins other world-class research tools of the Advanced Microscopy Facility with a bespoke combination of high-resolution imagery capabilities and a multitude of analytical detectors for accurate and precise major and trace element chemical characterisation. This includes high and low vacuum secondary electron (SE) and high-resolution backscattered electron (HDBSE) imagery, with two energy dispersive spectrometers (EDS) one wavelength dispersive (WDS) channel and µ-XRF capabilities along with monochromatic cathodoluminescence (CL).

In addition, the system also operates ZEISS ‘Mineralogic’ software platform for Automated Quantitative Mineralogy (AGM). This allows samples to be fully characterised based on the chemical composition of the discrete mineral/crystal phases present. Data outputs include quantitative mineral proportions, textural associations and phase contact relationships, target element deportment and phase liberations.

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