Centre for Environmental Health and Sustainability

Dr Philippa Douglas

Head and shoulders of Philippa DouglasI am a senior environmental public health scientist in the Air Quality Team and the London Dispersed Team in the Environmental Hazards and Emergencies Department at UKHSA. I lead the public and patient involvement, engagement, and participation (PPIEP) theme in the HPRU, and am an investigator on the bioaerosols project. I am passionate about working with the public to conduct research, from identifying research needs right through to results dissemination. As a STEM ambassador I have extensive experiences designing, planning and delivering public engagement activities. I have worked in the field of bioaerosols for over 10 years, with expertise in monitoring, modelling, conducting exposure assessments, environmental epidemiology and public health. My research interests include investigating potential associations of respiratory disease with biological air pollution (bioaerosols) exposure. 

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