Core Biotechnology Services

Electron Microscopy Facility (EMF)

The Electron Microscopy Facility (EMF) provides specialist services, equipment, advice and training for the preparation, imaging and analysis of biological samples for electron microscopy. Applications range from viruses, proteins and nanoparticles to cells, tissues and model organisms. The EMF is available to staff and students across the University of Leicester, as well as external academics and industry.

The EMF is part of the College of Life Sciences Core Biotechnology Services (CBS), which is a platform of dedicated staff that work closely together to provide streamlined services and advice for a range of technologies geared towards the life sciences.


Prices are costed per service provided, with reduced prices for trained users. 

Researchers should cost any services required into grant applications. Prices are also on LUCRE. When writing funding applications, check that appropriate costs have been applied, or request a quote.

Work for external academic and industrial partners will be arranged with support from the University of Leicester Research and Enterprise team.

Please contact Natalie Allcock to discuss prices, quotes and access arrangements.

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