Core Biotechnology Services

Access and training

The facility offers a range of services and provides access to sample preparation areas, equipment, and TEM and SEM microscopes for trained users.

What to do next

The first step is to arrange a meeting with facility staff to ensure we tailor our service to your specific research needs. We suggest you do this well in advance of your samples being ready so that we can plan accordingly and make sure that you prepare the samples appropriately. 

Many new users do not know the service they require, but if you have seen similar results to the ones you require elsewhere, it is useful to forward us the journal reference or method to us as a starting point.

Once we have established the appropriate method, we will co-ordinate sample delivery, and send through our proposed processing schedule and relevant safety information. We endeavour to involve researchers as much as possible in the preparation process so they can fully understand what is involved.

Once data has been collected, we forward the results electronically with a brief review of our observations. We are happy to offer our advice on data analysis and interpretation of results.


For in depth or long-standing projects, we offer full training on sample preparation and equipment use. 

Publication recommendations

If you publish results obtained using the EMF please mention the EMF in your acknowledgements and send a reference to us. This will make securing of future funding for the EMF easier. 

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