Core Biotechnology Services

Containment Level 3 Facility (C3)

The Containment Level 3 Facility (C3) provides a laboratory suite to work with ACDP Category 3 organisms.

The Containment Level 3 Facility contains four individual laboratories. We have available for use: two class I and two class II microbiological safety cabinets, a CO2 incubators for tissue culture and other equipment essential for working with microorganisms and their safe storage.

A second Containment Level 3 Facility is available for work with rodent models of infection.

Work is permitted between the hours of 8.00am to 5.00pm, Monday to Friday.

Anyone who wishes to work in the CL3 facility must discuss their plans with the management team at the earliest possible opportunity. Unless documents are already in place, it is necessary to submit an HBA2 form and Code of Practice for the organisms you wish to work with. These documents must be discussed and approved at the Containment Level 3 users group meeting (three per year) before work in the suite can commence.

If you would like to use the facility, please contact us.

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