Core Biotechnology Services

Flow Cytometry Facility (FACS)

Flow Cytometry is a laser-based technology which allows in depth analysis of the characteristics of cells or particles. It is predominantly used to measure cell populations labelled with fluorescently tagged antibodies or expressing fluorescent proteins. 

Instruments at the University of Leicester FACS facility offer the users a possibility to further their research in applications including immunophenotyping, single cell sorting for cloning or genomics analysis, and cell cycle and cell death assays. It is advised that FACS techniques are applied early on experiments involving either fluorescent or light-scattering samples in suspension (cells or particles). It is possible to select key sample populations of interest which can then undergo further analysis.

The facility houses a BD FACSAria Fusion cell sorter and three analysers – a BD FACSCanto II, a Beckman Coulter Cytoflex and a BD Accuri C6 Plus. It is open for use for all researchers at University of Leicester with appropriate training in cell sorting. Please contact us for advice regarding access, support and basic training.

Further information on technique, resources amd training courses can be found on the Royal Microscopical Society website.

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