Archaeology and Ancient History

Academic staff

Head of School

Name Position Research and PhD supervision areas  Email
Huw Barton Head of School, Professor in Bioarchaeology Ancient starch analysis; organic residue analysis; microwear; technological analysis of stone and organic tools; South-East Asian and Australian archaeology; hunter-gatherer archaeology and ethnography

Academic Staff

Name Position Research and PhD supervision areas  Email
Jo Appleby  Associate Professor of Human Bioarchaeology Human osteology; funerary archaeology; Bronze Age Britain and Europe; archaeology of the body 
Laura Basell Associate Professor of Archaeology  Human evolution (Africa and Europe); African archaeology; prehistoric landscape archaeology; geoarchaeology (including geomatics); macro-scale lithic analyses; experimental archaeology; rock art and mobiliary art 
Neil Christie  Professor of Archaeology  Late Roman archaeology; early medieval and medieval archaeology; urbanism; defence; late Roman and early medieval Christianity 
Brian Costello Teaching Fellow in Archaeology Medieval archaeology; funerary archaeology; object biography; early medieval material culture; social memory; public education.
Rachel Crellin  Associate Professor of Archaeology  Neolithic and Bronze Age Britain; archaeological theory; metalwork wear-analysis; experimental archaeology; material culture studies; prehistoric death and burial; Bronze Age violence 
David Edwards  Lecturer in Archaeology  Sudanese–Nubian archaeology; Sudanic Africa–trans-Saharan medieval to historical archaeology; landscape archaeology; mortuary archaeologies 
Marianne Hem Eriksen   Associate Professor of Archaeology   Viking Age archaeology; Later prehistory in Northern Europe; archaeologies of architecture, space and place; household archaeology; gender and the body; mortuary archaeology 
Kai Francis  Graduate Teaching Assistant 
Oliver Harris  Professor of Archaeology  Archaeological theory; new materialism; gender and the body; Neolithic and Bronze Age Britain and Northwest Europe

Jan Haywood 
Lecturer in Ancient History 
The Trojan War and its receptions; Greek historiography (especially Herodotus and Xenophon); ancient Greek literary culture; Greek divination and Delphic oracles 
Ben Jervis Professor of Medieval Archaeology  Medieval archaeology; material culture; urban archaeology; archaeological theory
Turi King  Professor of Public Engagement; Reader in Genetics and Archaeology  Furthering interdisciplinary research combining the field of genetics with history, archaeology, anthropology, forensics and epidemiology 
Jack Lennon Lecturer in Ancient History  Roman religion, ritual and magic; Roman cultural history; political landscape of 1st century BC 
Jane Masséglia  Associate Professor of Ancient History  Hellenistic social history; status and display in the Greek world; Greek and Latin epigraphy; classical art and archaeology; funerary art; Anatolia; body language and emotions in antiquity 
David Mattingly  Professor of Roman Archaeology  Roman Britain and Africa; Roman economy; Roman imperialism and identity; Roman landscapes; Saharan archaeology 
Andrew Merrills Professor of Ancient History  Roman, Vandal, and Berber North Africa; ancient geography; Late Antiquity and the early medieval world; the post-Roman successor states of the West 
Tim Penn DL Associate Tutor
Adam Rogers

DL Associate Tutor and Teaching Fellow
Alice Samson  Lecturer in Archaeology  Indigenous Caribbean archaeology; pre-Columbian and colonial Caribbean; households, settlements and caves; integrated landscapes; material culture; indigenous religion 
Sarah Scott  Professor of Archaeology 

the history of archaeological thought and method; the archaeology and anthropology of art; the history of archaeological publishing; archaeology and ancient history in education; community archaeology; Roman provincial archaeology and art. 
Michaela Senkova Teaching Fellow Ancient social and cultural history, gender, religion, medicine
Graham Shipley Professor of Ancient History  Landscapes, politics and economies of Hellenistic Greece; Hellenistic material culture and society; Greek geographical writings; the Peloponnese 
Dan Stewart Associate Professor of Ancient History  Hellenistic and Roman Greece; urban and rural landscapes; intersection of text and material culture; the Greek East; Roman Crete 
Sarah Tarlow  Professor of Historical Archaeology  Archaeology 1500–1900; historical archaeology of northern Europe; archaeological ethics; archaeology of death and burial 
Jeremy Taylor  Lecturer in Archaeology  Archaeology of later prehistoric and Roman landscapes; archaeology of western Roman provinces; theory and method in landscape research 
Richard Thomas Professor of Archaeology  Zooarchaeology; past human–animal relationships; animal palaeopathology; agricultural economy; food as material culture 
Selena Wisnom Lecturer in the Heritage of the Middle East  Assyria and Babylonia; Mesopotamian literature; Mesopotamian religion; Intellectual history of the Ancient Near East 
Ruth Young Professor of Archaeology  Archaeology of South Asia and Middle East, particularly historical periods; Post-Conflict Archaeology and Heritage 

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