Archaeology and Ancient History

Academic staff

Head of School

Name Position Research and PhD supervision areas  Email
Huw Barton Head of School, Professor in Bioarchaeology Ancient starch analysis; organic residue analysis; microwear; technological analysis of stone and organic tools; South-East Asian and Australian archaeology; hunter-gatherer archaeology and ethnography

Academic Staff

Name Position Research and PhD supervision areas  Email
Jo Appleby  Associate Professor of Human Bioarchaeology Human osteology; funerary archaeology; Bronze Age Britain and Europe; archaeology of the body 
Laura Basell Associate Professor of Archaeology  Human evolution (Africa and Europe); African archaeology; prehistoric landscape archaeology; geoarchaeology (including geomatics); macro-scale lithic analyses; experimental archaeology; rock art and mobiliary art 
Neil Christie  Professor of Archaeology  Late Roman archaeology; early medieval and medieval archaeology; urbanism; defence; late Roman and early medieval Christianity 
Brian Costello Teaching Fellow in Archaeology Medieval archaeology; funerary archaeology; object biography; early medieval material culture; social memory; public education.
Rachel Crellin  Associate Professor of Archaeology  Neolithic and Bronze Age Britain; archaeological theory; metalwork wear-analysis; experimental archaeology; material culture studies; prehistoric death and burial; Bronze Age violence 
David Edwards  Lecturer in Archaeology  Sudanese–Nubian archaeology; Sudanic Africa–trans-Saharan medieval to historical archaeology; landscape archaeology; mortuary archaeologies 
Marianne Hem Eriksen   Associate Professor of Archaeology   Viking Age archaeology; Later prehistory in Northern Europe; archaeologies of architecture, space and place; household archaeology; gender and the body; mortuary archaeology 
Kai Francis  Graduate Teaching Assistant 
Oliver Harris  Professor of Archaeology  Archaeological theory; new materialism; gender and the body; Neolithic and Bronze Age Britain and Northwest Europe

Jan Haywood 
Lecturer in Ancient History 
The Trojan War and its receptions; Greek historiography (especially Herodotus and Xenophon); ancient Greek literary culture; Greek divination and Delphic oracles 
Ben Jervis Professor of Medieval Archaeology  Medieval archaeology; material culture; urban archaeology; archaeological theory
Jack Lennon Lecturer in Ancient History  Roman religion, ritual and magic; Roman cultural history; political landscape of 1st century BC 
Jane Masséglia  Associate Professor of Ancient History  Hellenistic social history; status and display in the Greek world; Greek and Latin epigraphy; classical art and archaeology; funerary art; Anatolia; body language and emotions in antiquity 
David Mattingly  Professor of Roman Archaeology  Roman Britain and Africa; Roman economy; Roman imperialism and identity; Roman landscapes; Saharan archaeology 
Andrew Merrills Professor of Ancient History  Roman, Vandal, and Berber North Africa; ancient geography; Late Antiquity and the early medieval world; the post-Roman successor states of the West 
Adam Rogers

DL Associate Tutor and Teaching Fellow
Alice Samson  Lecturer in Archaeology  Indigenous Caribbean archaeology; pre-Columbian and colonial Caribbean; households, settlements and caves; integrated landscapes; material culture; indigenous religion 
Sarah Scott  Professor of Archaeology 

the history of archaeological thought and method; the archaeology and anthropology of art; the history of archaeological publishing; archaeology and ancient history in education; community archaeology; Roman provincial archaeology and art. 
Michaela Senkova Teaching Fellow Ancient social and cultural history, gender, religion, medicine
Graham Shipley Professor of Ancient History  Landscapes, politics and economies of Hellenistic Greece; Hellenistic material culture and society; Greek geographical writings; the Peloponnese 
Dan Stewart Associate Professor of Ancient History  Hellenistic and Roman Greece; urban and rural landscapes; intersection of text and material culture; the Greek East; Roman Crete 
Sarah Tarlow  Professor of Historical Archaeology  Archaeology 1500–1900; historical archaeology of northern Europe; archaeological ethics; archaeology of death and burial 
Jeremy Taylor  Lecturer in Archaeology  Archaeology of later prehistoric and Roman landscapes; archaeology of western Roman provinces; theory and method in landscape research 
Kathryn Tempest Lecturer in Roman History

Roman social, cultural and political history; history and literature in late Republican and early Imperial Rome; ancient oratory and rhetoric, including Cicero.
Richard Thomas Professor of Archaeology  Zooarchaeology; past human–animal relationships; animal palaeopathology; agricultural economy; food as material culture 
Carmen Ting Lecturer in Archaeological Science

Ancient technologies and the role of crafts in past societies; craft practices and knowledge transmission; archaeological materials science and heritage science.
Philippa Walton Lecturer in Roman Archaeology

Roman material culture; Roman numismatics; Roman Britain; Roman religion; Roman votive deposition; Roman riverine archaeology
Selena Wisnom Lecturer in the Heritage of the Middle East  Assyria and Babylonia; Mesopotamian literature; Mesopotamian religion; Intellectual history of the Ancient Near East 
Ruth Young Professor of Archaeology  Archaeology of South Asia and Middle East, particularly historical periods; Post-Conflict Archaeology and Heritage 

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