University Fellows and Honorary Staff

Name Position Subject Home institution Email
Paul Beavitt University Fellow Ethnoarchaeology University of Leicester  
Roger Bland OBE Visiting Professor Numismatics British Museum  
Alasdair Brooks Honorary Visiting Fellow Historical archaeology; ceramics Freelance archaeologist, Dubai  
Duncan Campbell Honorary Visiting Fellow Hellenistic history University of Leicester  
Patrick Clay Honorary Visiting Fellow  
Duncan Cloud Honorary Visiting Fellow Roman history; Roman law University of Leicester  
Carlo Colantoni  
Fran Cole Honorary Visiting Fellow Material culture; funerary archaeology UCL  
Sarah Colley Honorary Research Fellow Australian archaeology and heritage; digital technology; archaeozoology University of Leicester  
Aurelie Cuenod  
Joanna Dacombe  
Paul Dickinson  
Chloe Duckworth  
Matt Edgeworth Honorary Visiting Fellow Anthropology; waterways University of Durham  
Julia Farley Honorary Visiting Fellow Iron Age Europe; material culture
Lin Foxhall Hon. MBE Honorary Professor Gender in classical antiquity; Greek legal history; the ancient economy; olive production
Anthony Gouldwell University Fellow Environmental archaeology
Maria Gatto Honorary Visiting Fellow Funerary archaeology; pottery
Jan Haywood Honorary Visiting Fellow Greek historiography; Homeric and Herodotean reception; intellectual culture in 5th century BC; religion and belief in antiquity; narrative theory Open University  
Matty Holmes Honorary Visiting Fellow Analysis of animal bones; faunal remains; Wallingford project  
Terry Hopkinson Honorary Lecturer Lower–Middle Palaeolithic transition; hominin population dynamics; knowledge transmission; lithic technology; Neanderthals and modernity; nature, culture and disciplinary history in human evolution
Peter Liddle MBE Honorary Visiting Fellow Leicestershire archaeology Leicester City Council  
Lluis Lloveras Roca Honorary Visiting Fellow Late Pleistocene hunter-gatherer populations of the Iberian peninsula University of Barcelona  
Roy Loveday Honorary Research Fellow Neolithic prehistory Freelance archaeologist 
Pamela Lowther Honorary Research Fellow Early historical archaeology Freelance archaeologist  
John Matthews FBA Visiting Professor Late Roman history Yale University  
Phillip Mills Honorary Research Fellow Materials and technology University of Leicester  
Graham Morgan University Fellow Conservation University of Leicester  
Niccolò Mugnai Honorary Research Fellow Libyan Antiquities
Paul Newson Honorary Research Fellow Roman archaeology American University of Beirut  
Francis Pryor MBE Visiting Professor Archaeology Freelance Archaeologist  
Alessandro Quercia Honorary Visiting Fellow Mediterranean archaeology and material culture Soprintendenza per i Beni Archeologici del Piemonte e del Museo Antichità Egizie  
Katharina Rebay-Salisbury Honorary Visiting Fellow Bronze and early Iron Age central Europe Austrian Academy of Sciences  
Carme Rissech Honorary Visiting Fellow Geometric morphometrics University of Leicester  
Adam Rogers Honorary Lecturer Roman urbanism and the north-western provinces  
Nikki Rollason Honorary Visiting Fellow Dress and religion in Late Antiquity University of Leicester  
Roderick Salisbury Honorary Visiting Fellow Prehistoric archaeology Marie Curie AIRFORS Project Airbourne Technologies GmbH
Denis Sami Honorary Visiting Fellow University of Leicester  
Aimee Schofield Honorary Visiting Fellow Hellenistic military history; Classics outreach  
Wendy Scott Honorary Visiting Fellow Outreach Leicestershire County Council  
Nicholas Sekunda Honorary Visiting Fellow Greek history; classical archaeology University of GdaƄsk  
Kirsty Shipton University Fellow Latin and ancient history; the Greek economy University of Leicester  
Martin Sterry Honorary Visiting Fellow Remote sensing; desert landscapes
Michael Tully Honorary Visiting Fellow University of Leicester  
Ian Whitbread Honorary Lecturer Ceramic petrology; ancient and traditional pottery production and technologies; trade and exchange in the ancient world; exploitation of geological materials; Aegean prehistory
Jacqueline Wilson Honorary Visiting Fellow Roman Britain and Late Iron Age Ireland (AD 1–500) University of Bristol