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Current Research Students

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Abigail Ford Hallowed Objects: the boundaries between magic and religion in Scotland c. AD 1200-1700
Alex Hirons Biomolecular archaeology of the ageing body; a multi-omics analysis of age-at-death & geriatric disease
Alvaro Ortega Gonzalez Transitional foodways: Investigating the Anglo-Saxon transition through a multidisciplinary study of consumption practices in 3rd-8th century Northamptonshire
Amy Arden Celestial Motherhood: Understanding the cultural context of gender and motherhood in ancient Greece through archaeoastronomy and constellation mythology
Andrew Thompson The Duke of Bedford's Tavistock Estate from 'Improvement' to World Heritage Site
Andy Rogers Ontologies of Personhood and the Body in Colonial Central America and the Caribbean
Anna Tyacke Reconstructing Regional Identities in Britain 1st BCE-4th CE through Metal Artefacts: The case of the Cornovii
Anni Byard The Iron Age to Roman transition in Britain from the perspective of Coin Hoards
Ben Donnelly-Symes Opening up the archives: Engaging non-specialists with archaeological archives at the Northamptonshire Archaeological Resource Centre (ARC)
Bianca Miranda Cardoso
A Bank of Bones: Mortuary practices and ethnicity in Hellenistic Anatolia
Brad Marshall Gendered and social status disparities in the physical and cultural lifeways of children in Iron and Viking Age Scandinavia 
Brodhie Molloy Stories4Cities: An investigation into the utility of archaeology, as a knowledge producing discipline, in the re-representation and inclusion of those experiencing homelessness
Chris Chinnock Opening up the archives: A re-appraisal of the osteological archive for the small towns of Roman Northamptonshire and the publication of several key assemblages
Chris Edley  Nucleated Settlements in Roman Britain
Christine Downton  Model Citizens: the iconography of excellence in Athenian Art, c.550-350 BC 
Clinton Briar An Appropriation of An: A ‘Theography’ of An/Anu from the Uruk through the Seleucid Period of Mesopotamian History 
Dane Magoon  The People of Mussel and Shell: An Isotopic Investigation of Palaeodiet and Mobility at the Hatch Site (44PG0051) during the Late Woodland I Period (AD 900 to 1300) 
David Cardona Landscapes of death and commemoration: burial space, place and evolution from Phoenician to late Roman Malta 
Debbie Frearson Community Archaeology in the East Midlands – past, present and future
Elisabeth Aslesen  Bodied Objects: Personhood and imagery on clothed objects form Nrway in the first millennium CE 
Elisabeth Janovsky  Cultural interaction, artistic progress and leisure culture: an object biographical approach to Roman decorated gaming couinters 
Elliot Elliott  Defining the prevalence of leprosy in peri-domestic animals using osteoarchaeology
Emily Drummond  Water Management and Cultic Practices in the Roman Empire
Emma Stockley Predicting and Protecting Lithic Landscapes 
Emma Thompson Collision and Cohesion: comparing the (re)negotiations of mortuary identities in England and Denmark (c. 800-1100 CE)
Giulia Bison  Metals, craft products and urban economy in late antique Rome 
Gord Macdonald  Impacts of Global Climate Change on Polar Heritage; Documentation and Assessment of Imperilled Polar Heritage Sites 
Hamish Darrah Cutting edge technology: constructing and contextualising Late Bronze Age toolkits
Hannah McQuail  Innovative Use of Earth Observation for Archaeological Discovery from Space 
Jodie Hannis Creative Interventions in Archaeology: Experiments in Facilitating Public Engagement with Archaeological Research in the UK 
Jon Walsh Foodways in medieval to post-medieval Leicester: assessing the archaeology and socio-urban implications of the Waterside faunal assemblages
Jonny Graham  From regional identities to assemblages of difference: rethinking the communities of Late Neolithic Britain 
Judith Margarita López Aceves Drug cultures and wellbeing: Investigating drug use in the precolonial Caribbean
Kai Francis  The role of pirates and piracy in the invention of the Pax Romana (67BCE - 180 CE) 
Katarina Kompauerova  Bringing ancient disabilities and the emotions associated with them to the present-day disabled people – ‘Their own stories in the past’
Kate Evetts Understanding the Plant Economy of Small Towns in Medieval England (c1200–1600). A synthetic analysis and interpretation of archaeobotanical evidence
Kayt Hawkins  Let food be thy medicine: an analysis of the manufacture, use and deposition of ceramic ‘baby bottles’ in Roman Britain and the north-western Roman provinces
Kirstie Hartlett  Castle Typologies, Landscape and Settlement: Interrogating the Derbyshire Resource 
Kirsty Henson  Biocultural effects on ancient vitamin D deficiency in the United States and their role in spinal pathology 
Margherita Riso  Rural Christianity in Late Antique and Byzantine Sicily, 5th-9th centuries AD: an archaeological and textual analysis 
Matthew Selheimer  Life at the Cross-roads: How street intersections shaped Roman socio-spatial experience
Meg Gaillard  While I Breathe, I Hope: Heritage at Risk within the Southeastern United States, South Carolina as a Case Study
Michael Curtis  Imperial ports and harbours of Crete: the development of a Provincial maritime and coastal infrastructure (late 1st BCE - 3rd century CE)
Mikel Herran Subinas  Gender, social change and religion: Islamicisation and the transforming lives of women in Early Medieval Iberia
Nathan Gubbins  Why did people bury things? Understanding changing practices of deposition from the Late Neolithic through the Bronze Age
Nick Cooper Portable Material Culture in Roman Cities and their hinterlands: studies from the Civitas Capitals of Leicester and Cirencester
Panagiotis Koutsouris  The Mastos and the Berbati Valley: An exploratory research on transportation routes and polity organization, during the LHIIIA2- B1
Paul Duffy  From Stones to Structures – the Lost Architecture of Medieval Dublin
Rebecca Kibble  Using open source GIS to enable the multiscalar, spatio-temporal analysis and visualisation of complex zoo-archaeological datasets 
Renate Larssen  Living with humans: how animals shaped early medieval Northern Europe (400-1100 CE)
Rupert Birtwistle  The Lower to Middle Palaeolithic Transition in Azerbaijan: Technology and Migration of Later Acheulean Populations
Sahal Abdi  Creating Rural Settlements: New Perspectives on Roman Imperialism, Ontogenesis and Processualism in Britain
Shannon Loftus Owl Cave: Southeastern Idaho and the Oldest Folsom, Bison Hunting Site in the Desert West? 
Sima Yadollahy  Agency and its relation with Social, Cognitive complexities in Cheshmeh Ali culture
Tamar Miller  Relic Veneration in Italy: A phenomenological study of martyrial culture and its influence on Early Christian sites
Tofie Benson   Parental Expectations
Wenxuan Zhang Use of Archaeological Sites: Bring the Public Archaeology into Museums and Heritage Sites [public archaeology in China and UK]
Vasiliki Louka  The violent truth: A comparative, long-term study of collective violence from armed conflicts in Europe
Victoria Szafara  ‘Paired’ Brooches in Roman Britain: Their Context and Distribution
Yvonne O'Dell  Ontologies of Affect: Exploring emotional encounters and transformations in the Caribbean
Zoe Schofield In Search of the Decorator: The Analysis of Roman Wall Decoration through the Study of Roman Decorative Borders in Herculaneum, Pompeii and Stabiae
Zoe Tomlinson  A re-evaluation of Romano-British painted wall plaster across the East Midlands, to understand the contemporary purpose and meaning of different painted schemes to both patrons and viewers, with a particular focus on the Roman colour palette

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