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I first came to Leicester in 2000 having completed my PhD (on archaeological work in the former North West Frontier Province Pakistan) in the Department of Archaeological Sciences University of Bradford where I also studied for my MPhil and undergraduate degree. I work in South Asia and parts of the Middle East (Iraq Iran Oman Lebanon) and am currently focusing on the heritage and historical and contemporary archaeology in these regions as well as exploring post-conflict archaeology and heritage.


I am currently undertaking research in Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and Lebanon and have also worked in Iraq, Iran and Oman. My areas of interest include heritage post-conflict heritage and archaeology, place, belonging and rural settlements and I am increasingly interested in working in the recent past and combining different approaches to explore different ways of understanding the past.



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Journal Articles

Young, R. (2018). Archaeology of the Recent Past in Iran. Contribution to: Global post-medieval/historical archaeology: what's happening around the world 2018? Compiled by E. Tourigny and S. Newstead. Post Medieval Archaeology 0.0: 1-11. 

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Chapters in Books/Monographs

Newson, P. & Young, R. (2017). Conflict: People, Heritage, and Archaeology. In: P. Newson & R. Young (eds) Post-Conflict Archaeology and Cultural Heritage. London: Routledge: 3-19.

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The Archaeology of South Asia, Iran and the Middle East: particularly Historical periods; Heritage & Archaeology; Post-conflict Archaeology and Heritage


I teach both under-graduate and post-graduate students in the School and on both campus-based and distance learning programmes. The areas I teach include the archaeology of early states (the Indus Mesopotamia Egypt Shang China) historical archaeology heritage.

Press and media

Conflict heritage and archaeology; Post-conflict heritage and archaeology; South Asian archaeology; Middle East archaeology; Heritage and archaeology
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