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cartoon of roman soldiersWe have written a book for children and teachers: Life in the Roman World: Roman Leicester by Giacomo Savani, Sarah Scott and Mathew Morris. The book is suitable for KS3-5 (11-18). The book is linked to resources entitled Life in the Roman World: Ratae Corieltavorum (Roman Leicester), which are suitable for KS2-3 (9-13).

The book and resources are linked to the national curriculum and can also be used to support the teaching of OCR's GCSE Classical Civilisation and GCSE Latin. The book can be purchased via the University online shop.

Our book and classroom resources are based on the world-class research of Archaeology and Ancient History at Leicester, the excavations and publications of University of Leicester Archaeological Services (ULAS), objects in the Jewry Wall Museum Leicester and the Harborough Museum.

We are providing free classroom sets of the book to schools in Leicestershire and Rutland with the support of Classics for All and University of Leicester Research Impact Funding. If you would like a free set for your school, please email to book a place on one of our free half-day training sessions, which explain how the book and resources can be used to support national curriculum subjects.

The resources are available for free download, and include session plans, activities and worksheets which explore the culturally plural nature of the Roman world, as well as introducing Latin in the context of the archaeology of Roman Leicester.

Life in the Roman World: Ratae Corieltavorum (Leicester) for KS2-3

Sessions 1-8: Teacher lesson plans and research background

Related classroom materials for Life in the Roman World:

Artefact to Art: KS2-3 resources

Artefact to Art is a competition which encourages creative responses to ancient artefacts. We developed these resources during the first year of the competition (2017-18). Each session explores art and artists in the ancient world.

Making Art in Classical Athens

Art and Power in Imperial Rome

You can also buy a copy of the original Artefact to Art book, featuring poetry and visual art from the 2017-18 competition, inspired by ancient artefacts .

Resources for the history and archaeology of Leicestershire

  • Story of Leicester - explore 2,000 years of history, from Leicester's humble beginnings through to a modern-day city. Find out how Leicester's social and built heritage plays a key role in the city today and into the future
  • ULAS news - keep up to date with the latest archaeological discoveries in Leicester and beyond
  • ULAS poster gallery - information on the latest archaeological discoveries in Leicester for classroom use
  • The Jewry Wall Baths: An adventure in time - a detailed overview of the site and a fun activity trail for children
  • The Hallaton Treasure - one of the most important Iron Age discoveries in Britain. The Hallaton Treasure includes over 5,000 coins, mysterious offerings and a beautiful and unique 1st-century Roman cavalry helmet. The reconstructed helmet from Hallaton is on display in the Harborough Museum
  • Charnwood Roots - Charnwood Roots seeks to involve as many people as possible in researching and learning about the history of Charnwood Forest and Loughborough
  • Leicester Faith Trail - Leicester is one of the most diverse cities in Europe, with a variety of different ethnic and religious communities, each with their own history and heritage. This Faith Trail aims to introduce you to the history and beliefs of the main faith groups in Leicester. The walking trail follows a route around the city providing an appreciation of the historical interest and importance of faith sites and other related buildings of interest. Download the Faith Trail Booklet (PDF, 4,436 KB)
  • Greyfriars townscape initiative

Richard III

  • Richard III - this page includes ready-made lesson plans, teaching resources, and introductory materials about the life and times of Richard III, as well as more general information about archaeology as a discipline.
  • Story of Leicester: Richard III - this page offers helpful background both on Richard III and on Leicester in the time of the Plantagenets
  • Richard III Visitor Centre - discover the incredible story of the king under the car park at the award-winning King Richard III Visitor Centre in Leicester, and see their Richard III walking trail (PDF, 1.42mb)

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