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Science Discovery

As your child or dependent's school has signed up to take part in the Open Space: Science Discovery project with the University of Leicester, they have been provided with four science experiments to take home and complete with you and their family. 

The science experiments focus on part of the science curriculum your child or dependent will be covering at school. The experiments illustrate various scientific concepts, helping to bring science to life. We hope this helps to inspire your young person to consider science as a future career option and motivates them in their studies. The project has been kindly funded by the UK Space Agency and The Ogden Trust. 

How can you support your young person? 

We want you, your child/dependent and the family to get fully involved in the project, to have fun and to discover science. To get you started, we’ve collated some recommendations for you:

  • Read through all the resources provided by the school. 
  • Dig deeper into the subject if you or your child/dependent has more questions. To help with this we have included some links to additional resources on this webpage.  

Find out more information 

We hope that your child or dependent will enjoy taking part in the science experiments and come away with a thirst to find out more. To help you guide your young person’s learning, and to answer some of the questions they may have, we have put together a list of additional resources below that you can access free of charge. 

Additional Resources

Life in Space

Continue learning about the different life forms that might exist in space.


For students: discover more about a career as an astrobiologist and other space careers.  


For adults: take free online courses with Coursera. Try searching ‘Astrobiology and the search for extra-terrestrial life’ or ‘Astrobiology: Exploring other worlds’


Force and Rockets

We’ve found additional experiments for you to do at home to see how good of a rocket you can make. There is also more information about how you can become a rocket scientist.  


For students: lots of great resources including interviews with rocket scientists and engineers, more home experiments and simulations.  

Make your own rocket

For students: try creating a larger rocket at home.

Make your own stomp rocket

For students: try creating a stomp rocket.  

Kerbal Space Program

For adults: take charge of the space programme for an alien society in this online rocket mission.  


Growing Food in Space

Did you enjoy learning about how we can grow food in space? We’ve got some more challenges for you below, as well as other webpages to find out more information.  

Train like an astronaut

For students: take a look at Tim Peake’s physical and scientific challenges  

Food on the International Space Station

For students: design food for the ISS.  

Farming in space

For students: explore how farming works in space.  

Growing plants in space

For adults: check out the research that NASA is taking part in to understand how we can grow plants in space.  

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